Cabbage Patch

I love this craze which seems to have taken over the office today and I’m sure isn’t far off engulfing the masses when I probably won’t love it so much after its been given ‘the New Look treatment’ but, hey!

The elbow patches give an otherwise plain sweatshirt something else to look at and give that added extra, touchy feely quality that always pulls me when trawling the shops.

They remind me of those dusty teddy bears you always see in your Nan’s display cabnet with the precariously balanced, gold wire glasses – so cute!

Zara have jumped on the elbow patch bandwagon, full throttle this season:

I was disappointed to see a lack of that classic tweed blazer with tan leather elbow patches that they interpreted last year:

I’m still on the hunt for the perfect blazer, which seems to be a mission almost as impossible as finding a pair of skinny jeans that remain true to their name. Let’s hope they resurrect this beauty in one way or another as the colder weather approaches!

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