Annie Leibovitz shoots Lady Gaga (with a camera)

A smoldering lava of excellence has been bubbling frantically since outlandish songbird-turned-fashion phenomenon, Lady Gaga collaborated with supermodels including, Lily Cole, posing for photographic extraordinaire, Annie Leibovitz to create a Hansel and Gretel inspired spread for December 2010 Vogue.  However, an exclusive joining of forces between the photographic legend and the Lady herself was surely an imminent explosion of genius waiting to happen!

Leibovitz and her Lady took to the chaotic streets of New York City in an unconventional defiance against the glamorous sets and extravagant back drops that we have becoming so accustomed to. This ingenious juxtaposition of the every day mundane motions of the city against the four, positively insane outfits that Gaga poured, synched and tucked herself into will, no doubt make for a far more visually stimulating feature/cover.

Leibovitz is definitely one the most inspiring photographers for me, but then who doesn’t feel this way? She began her prolific career by shooting the front cover feature for Rolling Stone magazine, depicting Beatles legend, John Lennon in an unforgettable black and white image. (What a way to start your portfolio!)

She expertly captures the most unattainable, untouchable stars in a raw, genuine state, satisfying our ravenous intrigue and desire to look inside a world which we can only ever dream of entering. It is, without doubt, this ability to deliver this sense of voyeurism and intimacy that has gained her such an acclaimed reputation and more sentimentally, a loyal following of fanatics and the reason why I find her images so hard to tear my eyes away from.

I can’t wait to see the images in publication, I wonder where they will be?

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