Captain America film set

My friend Mike and I on the film set for the recent Captain America film. I realise this is a little behind the times as these pictures were taken (by my dad!) when we visited the set this time last year. It must have been late September as I vividly remember it was days after I started University. (Yet another shocking reminder of how fast this year has flown!)

It was fascinating to see how much work and time actually goes into the building of a film set. They even went to the intricate extent of individually painting each brick on a wall that wasn’t already build of brick. The attention to detail was astonishing! I actually felt as though I had been transported to a different time and location, not stood on a set in central Manchester.

I should really get round to seeing this film. It’s definitely not my preferred genre but to see this incredible craftsmanship in action would be so interesting!

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