CalSaysHi Illustrations.

Finally one of my really good friends, Callum Mackenzie has set up a Facebook page for his fantastic illustrations and I highly recommend you go and ‘Like’ it to keep up to date with his vibrant work. You can find the CalSaysHi Illustrations. Facebook page here.

I know Callum from being in the same tutorial group at Art College during 2009 and 2010 and we have kept up a close friendship since then so it is easy for me to see just how much his work has developed and transformed between then and now. I also know that a lot of his work is inspired by music and emotions and he manifests this inspiration onto the page beginning with a pencil drawing that is outlined in black biro and brought to life with colouring pencils. His Pop Art style lies somewhere between one of my favourite artists, Keith Haring and the infamous, Roy Lichtenstein.

Callum’s patience and dedication to creating such well-blended and visually fascinating pieces is so admirable. I love how his work has such an undeniable and recognisable style. The painstaking shading and regular trips to stock up on biros is all so totally worth it, keep it up Callum and remember me when you’re famous! 🙂 ♥

Here are a few of my favourite pieces that he has composed recently for you to enjoy but make sure to check out his Facebook page for more updates!

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