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You may remember a few weeks ago, I made a post about my Dad and his Chump comic strip (you can see that here!) and he’s back on my blog today after drawing him last night on the amazing SketchBook Pro app for the iPad.

Drawn using SketchBook Pro

It’s such a fantastic app; endless entertainment! Basically, it transforms your iPad into a sketchbook taking on many of the features of popular, digitial art tool, Photoshop. You can create layers, control opacity with pressure sensitivity, make use of over 60 preset brushes, install another 90+ and loads more. I don’t claim to be a wizard at ‘digital drawing‘ but it’s certainly a lot of fun!

In case you were wondering, I was introduced to a style of drawing during my time at college, which involves not looking at the paper or removing the pen from the surface until you are finished whilse keeping your eyes only on the subject. I enjoy drawing this way and both myself and my Dad really like the outcome. I love the sense of not knowing what’s going to turn out and the lack of control.

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