Sound City Volunteering: Day 1

I thought this time, rather than doing a collective write up of the entire event in retrospect I would document it along the way, almost like a miniature diary, I suppose. Just to change things up a bit and try different formats to keep things for anyone who may find themselves stumbling across my blog. So here we have Sound City: Day 1. It’s just a short one explaining the whats, the who, the wheres and the whys as the festival doesn’t actually commence until tomorrow (Thursday 17 March) and that’ll be when the fun and games begin!


As with most big city events, a lot of preliminary manic panicking and people organising is involved and this is pretty much what Day 1 consisted of but also massive amounts of excitement and an undeniable buzz. I will be working with closely Phil Ellis from Exclusive Entertainment on the UK Music Student Awards and everything entailed in putting an unforgettable show on. I am not entirely sure of my role specifics at the moment but this all adds to the anticipation of the weekend ahead. I’m hoping to be thrown in at the deep end and get into the nitty gritty of the music festival business. The delegate pass and compulsory Sound City t-shirt are also extremely welcomed! 🙂

I’ll update again on Thursday evening with a much more interesting blog post after the event has begun!

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