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So I’ve had a full day of doing nothing much apart from eating and laughing so thought it best to counteract the lazy craziness by doing something productive now I’m back home at my laptop. Just a quick one to express my love for The Killers‘ latest video for Here With Me that’s been directed by Hollywood hotshot, Tim Burton.

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With equal parts of adorable and morbid, Burton’s magic gives what I personally consider to be a pretty ‘vanilla’ (a.k.a boring) band something so quirky and enchanting. The surreal sequence in which a hollow-eyed, lovesick Craig Roberts and the object of his affections, Winona Ryder (who else but her though?!) morph into waxworks and sit across the table from one another, alight, is just stunning. Positively creepy but perfectly romantic. Mediocre love song lyrics become truly haunting. Unrequited love totally understood and finally expressed in a non-vomit inducing way. Something in Roberts’ character and his heart wrenching rapture definitely strikes a chord and resonates somewhere with me.

Even without Helena Bonham Carter‘s unmistakable cackle punctuating the soundtrack or Johnny Depp swaggering across the screen, this video is just so…’Burton’. It’s absolutely beautiful in such a dark, macabre way and it’s everything I love about this extraordinary realm Burton has managed to create through his directorial masterpieces. A true artist at work and an auteur that could not possibly be replicated. I am a bit of a Tim Burton/Winona Ryder junkie so I was always bound to love it but it’s honestly worth a watch even if you’re not: 

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