Joe Keegan will be Counting Stars

So I’ve only just recently really got back into the blogging game and the reason being, I have been throwing myself into the working world of social media where, as you probably know, hours turn into days, days into weeks, weeks into months, months into years…….. You catch my drift, but since graduating from University, I’ve barely blinked and it’s suddenly nearly two years later!

In that time I’ve being collecting a number of freelance clients to run alongside my blog, with one of the most exciting being the talented Mr Joe Keegan who, until this Saturday night (8th March) was a contestant on BBC‘s The Voice UK. I have been managing Joe’s social media platforms for a few months now and when him and his (fabulous) Dad asked if I could help them create his next music video I got that geeky run of adrenaline and couldn’t wait.

Joe got through to The Battles where he took on Jamie Johnson in a sing off of OneRepublic‘s Counting Stars but for a week beforehand, behind the scenes, our incredible team created a video of his cover, which was exploded across social media on the night of the battle. Through knowing someone who knows someone else, who knows some other people who could put us in contact with some other guys etc we managed to put together a brilliant team along the way:

Abby & Joe. ©2014 Jamie Toal

Myself as Social Media & Co-Organiser, Joe Keegan (Artist), Abby Brennan (Executive Producer, Director, Videographer, Editor), Alex Wise (Assistant Director, Editor), Jamie Toal (Photographer), Max Taylor & Saam Jafarzadeh (Sound Engineers) and Greg Jones (Lighting Engineer), who are all students in Liverpool.

John Keats and Tony Cook joined as Location Consultants as we managed to bag Liverpool’s world famous Cavern Club (where The Beatles legacy was born) as filming location. I also managed to clinch Joe a last minute gig on stage at the Cavern while we there, which was cool.

We also filmed on a rooftop of Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) and in a recording studio at Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts (LIPA), all to whom we owe special thanks. Joe’s brief was to create something entirely different to any of his other music videos and the variety of indoor and outdoor locations, with cuts from stage to rooftop to studio did exactly that. Improvisation was key in the filming of this music video, which meant Joe’s infectious personality shone through immensely. Being the person responsible for Joe’s online presence and profile this is always at the forefront of my mind and is particularly essential for personalities on reality television competitions.

©2014 Jamie Toal
Joe Keegan ©2014 Jamie Toal

The video has only been live on YouTube since Saturday and has had over 600 views, from Russia to the USA. Despite Joe’s time on The Voice ending, it’s certainly not the last the music industry has seen of him. I’m extremely proud to have been a part of this great project and all who played a part in it and can’t wait to continue working with Joe – watch this space!

You can watch the full (and fucking fantastic) music video for Counting Stars here:

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