Lunch in my beautiful Neighbourhood Liverpool

Boy let me tell ya somethin’, working in Liverpool city centre is all shits and giggles until your skinny jeans don’t fit no mo’ and that’s exactly where I’m at right now. I’m blaming this fabulous city and its ever evolving food and drink scene for sure. One of the newest kids on the block right now and one of the most popular places to eat in Liverpool is the much talked about Neighbourhood Liverpool where I took a trip to late last month in celebration of my Pops’ birthday.

Neighbourhood Liverpool interior design

Standing proud in a beautiful old building on the corner of Castle Street in the city’s bustling business district, Neighbourhood’s clash of neon lights, eye-popping Art Deco motifs and signature Wes Anderson colour scheme is an interior design dream. Stepping across the threshold of a grand but relatively average bank-like building, you aren’t quite prepared for the decor delights that are about to hit you – POW – right in the kisser.

I’ve never seen anywhere quite like it. I wish I could just move in right now. I mean, even the drinks are equal amounts of sassy and classy. I half expected to see Adrian Brody and Ralph Fiennes sitting under a mustard-and-pink lampshade, sharing a Mendl’s pastry.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 13.31.35

I have to say, even the food took second place to the aesthetics, darling, the aesthetics but let me tell you about it anyway because it was definitely perfectly palatable and worth every surplus calorie.

We kicked off proceedings with some cajun spiced chicken lollipops, some mini slider-style burgers and some tuna sushi which came served in a big old bowl of ice and glass noodles. All expertly seasoned and garnished par excellence. Aside from the elegant raw fish dish, the starters here are more like mini meals than amuse-bouche so make sure you leave plenty of room.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 13.26.46.png

Between four of us, the main event was comprised of Miso Black Cod, chateaubriand with mac & cheese and fries, and the Neighbourhood ‘Chicken Dinner‘ which came complete with savoury scone and a solitary heritage carrot. In true Hungry Harriet style, I worked my way around the table for a little taste of everything on offer and I was particularly enamoured with the savoury scone and rich onion dipping sauce. Dat dough though.

My own cod was super tasty and the perfect light bite for someone watching their waistline (that’s not me FYI – I just fancied something new). It was a tough choice with so many international cuisines on offer. If you are going to make like me and go for something from the Asian end of the menu spectrum though, a side of roast tenderstem broccoli slathered in a creamy hollandaise sauce was the perfect accompaniment. Healthy but hearty.

Oh and speaking of hearty… if the borderline sexual sounds coming from the other side of the table were anything to go by, I think the tender chateaubriand sharer transpired to be a real winner. Winner, winner, Chicken Dinner.

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 13.35.11.png

See you again soon Neighbourhood Liverpool – your afternoon tea is next on my tastebud bucket list! This contemporary Castle Street hotspot also transforms into a vibrant watering hole/nightclub post 10pm so if you want a taste of legendary Liverpool nightlife and want to do it in style, check it out.

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