Dinner at The Vincent Café & Cocktail Bar

If you’re up to date with my blog (which I should bloody well hope you are) you’ll know I’m partial to an Asian Bowl at The Vincent Kitchen but up until now, you’re probably unaware of my love affair with its sassy and sophisticated sibling. Ah, The Vincent Café and Cocktail Bar, I do love you.

You know those restaurants that are all fur coat and no knickers? The ones that are so preoccupied with style that they forget about the substance? Well The Vincent isn’t that. ‘Vincent’s’ as it has affectionately come to be know in my circle is the double-breast mink coat and the Chantilly lace micro briefs too. This place looks the business and serves up insatiable food too.

The Vincent Cafe and cocktail bar Liverpool review

Before I tell you about some of my favourites dishes… These guys are constantly evolving their menus so do keep in mind that some of the #foodporn you’re witnessing here may not be available at present. The Vincent team also have a gorgeous hotel in Southport with a restaurant and cocktail bar attached (equally as fabulous might I add) but here lies a number of dishes from the Liverpool city centre venue that we murdered with ravenous, reckless abandon recently.

The Vincent Cafe and cocktail bar Liverpool review

First up we have the homemade soup of the day which, as I recall, was something root vegetable based and served alongside lightly charred focaccia. Soup’s soup really but you’ll know from my review of Burnt Truffle that I love a good toasted focaccia. We then have the Duck Spring Roll with Hoi Sin Sauce and oh my gaaad, I would marry this baby if I could. Chunky, packed to the brim with tender shredded duck and not a drop of unsolicited grease in sight.

I can’t speak for that Salmon Avocado Maki right there because I’m not a raw fish fan myself but I am told by many a sushi-lover that The Vincent sushi is some of the best in town.

The Vincent Cafe Liverpool

Next up on our table of three was a fine example of steak and chips, a roasted lamb joint with garlic mash and a rich, meaty jus, and a divine combination of chicken, chorizo, fine beans and sweet potato.

All good, honest plates without too much diversion from tradition but sometimes simple is best and the chefs at The Vincent Café have most definitely got the craft of classics down to an art.