10 dessert cocktails to try before you die

Some people like Champagne, some people like a big dirty pint of beer, others prefer to make like Snoop Dogg and be sippin’ on gin & juice all night long. What I love is a good dessert cocktail. The kind of cocktail that’s always pastel in colour (preferably pink), thick AF in texture and enough to leave you feeling sticky round the chops and satisfyingly sick after.

I’ve put together this guide on dessert cocktails to die for around my neck of the woods that are all pretty affordable so you can slurp in peace without having to keep your mind on your money and your money on your mind.

Snowcap & an Amaretto Bakewell at Piste, Tarporley

Typically, anything that mixes berries, cream and some kind of sweet spirit will have me impatiently shoving my way to the front of the bar, elbows akimbo and the Amaretto Bakewell at Piste is no exception. Having said this, I can be easily persuaded to indulge in piece of chocolate-based heaven instead and with the Alpine Snowcap on the table, I’m always torn. Whether it’s an Amaretto-Cherry Bourbon combo, or a Mozart Chocolate Liqueur and Baileys recipe,  Piste sure know how to shake up a storm.

Chocolate cocktail at Piste Tarporley

Strawberry Cheesecake at Gusto, Heswall

Probably my reigning champion of the cream-based cocktail world, Gusto’s Strawberry Cheesecake is something to behold. It sits under the Martini section of the extensive cocktail menu (not sure why) and is a muddle of fresh strawberries, mascarpone, vanilla syrup, Cariel Vanilla Vodka and strawberry liqueur. The crumbly garnish crunch is the cherry on the cake or the biscuit on the base, should I say.

Marshmallow Margarita at San Carlo, Liverpool

San Carlo is one of the UK’s most illustrious Italian eateries and certainly one of Liverpool’s hottest celebrity hangouts but if you don’t fancy splashing out a little bit extra on your Spag Bol (as nice as it is here) then you could always just hit the bar. The cocktail list at San Carlo is pretty intimate – you know Italians, they’re all about the vino – but they do have a Marshamallow Margarita on the menu and well, what more could you want really?

Marshmallow Margarita at San Carlo Liverpool

I can’t remember exactly what’s in this baby but I know Frangelico was on the list and a toasted marshmallow and edible floral garnish so need I say more?

April’s Delight at Vincent, Liverpool

Now I’m being a bit cheeky here because I’m not actually sure April’s Delight is still on the menu at The Vincent Cafe & Cocktail Bar anymore but it was/is way too tasty not to mention. Again, I can’t actually remember the intricate ingredient details but I know it was a creamy baby pink beverage full off boozy strawberry deliciousness, some form of vanilla liqueur and if I remember correctly, a slug of my old favourite – Disaronno Amaretto. If you find yourself in Liverpool’s commercial district, pop in and ask for it – help me bring April’s Delight back by popular demand!

The Vincent cocktail bar Liverpool

5 Dollar Shake at Santa Chupitos, Liverpool

If you’re familiar with the Liverpool bar scene, you won’t need me to introduce the Santa Chupitos 5 Dollar Shake. Sippin’ on one of these bad boys is like some sort of right of passage into the city. I mean, if you haven’t uploaded a snap of one of these infamous milk bottles to your ‘gram are you even a human being? A glorious medley of vodka, Chambord, blueberry jam (basically an antioxidant smoothie then) and vanilla ice cream topped of with a generous squirt of whipped cream. He-llo.

Santa Chupitos 5 Dollar Shake Liverpool

The whole Foams & Creams menu at TGI Fridays 

I mean, the whole bloody menu is positively drool-worthy so go and check it out but a few of my personal favourites are the Pretty N Pink and the Mud Slide. The former is a unique combo of spiced rum, raspberry liqueur, pineapple, coconut, grenadine and vanilla ice cream. The latter is a classic recipe of Baileys, Kahlua coffee liqueur, vodka and vanilla ice cream. So good luck choosing between those lot.

10 Dollar Shake at Kuckoo, Chester

Here, modelled beautifully by myself about three years ago, is the famous Kuckoo 10 Dollar Shake. Fairly similar to the Santa Chupitos shake above in ingredients and milk bottle upcyling but probably with 50% more chance of developing diabetes post-consumption. In my option, totally worth the risk if a concoction of vanilla vodka, butterscotch liqueur, strawberry Nesquik, fresh cream and a full size ring donut is your thaaang. It’s most definitely my gig.

Mix up your favourite milkshake

Dessert cocktail menus typically include a lemon meringue-esque effort and some sort of creamy coffee concoction, neither of which I can stand. Shudder. So thanks to my controversially selective taste buds, I fast learnt how to get my fix in other ways, the most successful being to add my tipple of choice to my favourite milkshake.

A ‘Boozy Shake’, if you will. I’m partial to a splash of Amaretto in pretty much any ice cream shake really. Pistachio, chocolate and strawberry are particularly perfect partners in crime for an almond liqueur. You make your own rules.

Oh and my very own secret recipe…

Speaking of making ones own rules, I thought I’d treat you to a little secret concoction all of my own which, I have to say, makes even some of my aforementioned faves seem amateur but for now, you’re just going to have to sit tight – recipe coming soon!

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