The brand new summer 2017 menu at Gusto

You don’t need me to tell you again how much I bloody love the Gusto restaurants. When I’m knocking about my hometown (The Wirral) and if I’m not at Barton Rouge, you’ll find me two doors down at Gusto Heswall. Whether it’s to take full advantage of the 2-4-1 cocktails, learning how to make fresh pasta or just simply doing what I do best – (over) eating – the Gusto chain is a bit of me.

Being the hyper-organised freak for forward planning that I am, I normally take immense pleasure in mapping out a month’s worth of blog posts but HOLD THE PHONE, I’ve come over all spontaneous. So with a pending shopping list sitting on the kitchen counter and nothing particularly exciting in the old refrigerator, my other half and I toddled on down to Gusto to get some grub last night.


Home to the best garlic bread in the (North) West, Gusto is all about a traditional Italian carb fest – pizza, pasta, dough petals, the lot. Now I love a carb, boy do I love those perfectly seasoned carbohydrates but it was nice to see some lighter options on the summer 2017 menu. I am on the brink of yet another health kick as Project: Amazonian Goddess is taking much longer than I had anticipated so I took the new menu as my cue to go for something lighter, brighter and less… dense for I, myself, am feeling a little dense.

I opted for the oven baked cod fillet wrapped in prosciutto ham which came served with tenderstem broccoli, fresh sliced chili and a lemon drizzle. My partner in dine went for the chicken breast with creamed leeks, fried gnocchi and a fresh tomato garnish. Both dishes had us letting out audible mmms – the cod substantial, meaty and so freakin’ tasty that you couldn’t possible feel hard done by choosing the healthy option; the roast chicken small in portion size but packing a hearty punch to the taste buds. Super delicious.


Unarmed (camera wise), unshakable (in terms of my usual menu choice) and with only the satisfaction of my rumbling stomach in mind, I hadn’t planned to document my midweek refuel at all. However with the new Gusto menu in full swing and a couple of alright-ish-kinda snaps of my iPhone, I thought it definitely worth a mention.

Let me know what you think of the new dishes over on Twitter and if you don’t try out the chocolate biscotti mousse that I gallantly dodged on account of my aforementioned health kick, you ain’t no friend of mine.

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