Snack game strong at LEAF Cafe, Liverpool

Okay so it’s time to come clean…

I was originally going to tell you a little white lie and pretend I’d been to LEAF Cafe Liverpool again after visiting for Pudding Club last week but I just couldn’t do it. If I’m the type of gal who can see off pre-pud club snacks before sitting down to a 5-course dessert menu (and I definitely am) then I’m going to just be honest about it.

Go ahead, judge me all you like but we all know who the real winner is here.

[Insert Smug Face Emoji]

Moroccan Lamb spring rolls at Leaf Cafe Liverpool Bold Street

I wasn’t just pure greed and gluttony that lead us to the ‘Nibbles‘ section of the menu while we were (eagerly) awaiting Pudding Club kick off though. The food at LEAF is literally irresistible. Like, I can’t say no. I could be full right up to the tonsils and still find it impossible to turn down something from LEAF and there are two plates in particular that really waken my already woeful willpower:

The Slowbraised Moroccan Spice Lamb Spring Rolls with Harissa Mayonnaise, and those bloody Sweet Potato wedges and their delicious Saffron Aioli.

Moroccan Lamb spring rolls at Leaf Cafe Liverpool Bold Street

I’ve eaten these two dishes time and time again (sometimes with a side order of Soup of the Day, which is always impeccable) and I never love them any less. You can always rely on this dynamic culinary duo to give you that warm fuzzy feeling of gastro-satisfaction that you get after eating something hella hearty with a real consideration for the finest details of flavour.

The warm and fuzzies might also be attributed to the gorgeous interior space at LEAF on the cobbles of beautiful Bold Street too. The ideal space for date nights and casual work meetings alike, if you’re looking for places to eat in Liverpool or a unique space to kick back with a book for a couple of hours, LEAF Cafe is the place to be.

Staff wander around with a charming nonchalance in their battered Dr Martens and dungarees, delivering White Hot Chocolates and G&Ts around a cosy room lit up by fairy lights galore. Patchwork wallpaper, mismatched arm chairs and a great big neon light fixture that exclaims one of the most comforting modern day mantras:

Where there’s tea, there’s hope. 

Ah, I do love you LEAF.

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