What about breakfast at The Bagelry?

By the time Friday rolls around, I’m sick to the back teeth of bland porridge and bloody bananas so the weekend is my time to shine when it comes to breakfasts. This weekend I hopped up out of bed (left my swag at home unfortunately) and headed to one of my favourite haunts for breakfast in Liverpool. I’m not going say where because I ain’t about cussing somewhere that could potentially spit in any future brunches I may consume there but a 45 minute wait, cold eggs and a stale bagel meant a Plan B was in order.

Feeling pretty hangry by now and just about ready to cut a bitch, I frantically flicked through my mental folder labelled ‘Good Place for Bagels in Liverpool’ and came up with The Bagelry. Another in a long (and growing) line of awesome Liverpool independents. I’d never been before but I’ve been following these guys on Instagram for a while so I at least had an inkling that my insatiable bagel-shaped itch might be about to get scratched.

Let me tell ya, it was scratched good ‘n’ proper.

The Bagelry Liverpool

I did the real basic bitch thing of going all wide-eyed at the side of a Rainbow Bagel so of course that bad boy was on a plate in front of me faster than you could say ‘I can’t even’. They do say it’s the little things in life that bring you pleasure and after my aforementioned breakfast-based upheaval, this very bagel saved someone, anyone, close by losing their life on account of my wrath so…

Speaking of little things, I really appreciated how the butter for my bagel came served soft and almost kinda melted. There’s nothing worse than watching a perfectly good bagel go tepid as you wait for a boulder of rock hard butter to defrost under your teapot. Apart from nuclear war and world poverty maybe.

Anyway, my sidekick in Saturday brunching went for a Cinnamon & Raisin bagel with the Maple & Walnut soft cheese spread. Now I’ve got to be honest, being a anti-currant maple syrup hater, this was like my worst bagel nightmares all rolled into one and baked to rustic perfection but my reliable source tells me it was bloody delicious. She’s a bit of a bagel connoisseur too so I’d just go with it.

The Bagelry Liverpool

The Bagelry Liverpool

Despite the perfectly honest name, The Bagelry does actually serve up food stuffs that don’t have a hole in the middle so if you fancy some (hot) eggs or a slice of cake instead, you’ll be reet. Failing that, this place is only a stone’s throw away from LEAF Cafe or Sapporo Teppanyaki if you’re on the hunt for something more substantial.

Nestled quite inconspicuously along a quiet street in Liverpool China Town, The Bagelry is definitely what you might call off the beaten track.  I like this though. In the absolute mayhem that is a weekend in the city, a pocket of peace is always a real find.

Tranquility, trendy decor and ALL of the carb-based options made for the perfect recipe for success.

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