Frickin’ Hell Mann, that burger was good

As the king of the burgers, the junk food VIP, it comes as no surprise that Almost Famous fast became the place-to-be in Liverpool after it’s opening in 2013. With it’s cult repertoire of dirty burgers piled as high as the sky and a top dollar cocktail list, Almost Famous became Liverpool’s millennial mecca.

I myself have drank many a Bitch Juice and scranned on many, many a Triple Nom here over the years so it wasn’t exactly a drag to pop along and review the limited edition Frickin’ Hell Mann burger this week. The brainchild of a love affair between Almost Famous and condiment top cat, Hellmann’s, the Frickin’ Hell Mann is a drool-worthy recipe of double cheeseburger, mac ‘n’ cheese, Hellmann’s mayonnaise, BBQ pulled pork and deep fried pickles. Typically OTT in true Almost Famous style.

Burger at Almost Famous Liverpool
Limited edition Frickin’ Hell Mann burger

Okay so when we arrived at the grungy Parr Street gaff, we were starving – like, the I-would-even-eat-my-own-fucking-toenail-clippings-right-now kind of ravenous – but that’s a given, I am Hungry Harriet after all. Probably seeing the hanger in our eyes and fearing for her pretty little life, we were shown to our second-floor table by one of many super friendly members of staff pronto. Acting fast to intercept the raucous stomach rumbling now going on, our sneaker-clad waitress was even quicker to point out the cocktail menu and talk us through our burger-based options.

After a fews LOLs over the typically witty cocktail titles and a quick reminisce about one of our very first dates here, we picked out two drinks from the list of Poisons: the Lock Stock and the Cherry Bomb. Pretty much me and my other half in drink formation, the first is a whiskey, Frangelico, chocolate bitters concoction and the Cherry Bomb an eye-twitchingly tart muddle of vodka, cherry puree and lemon bitters.

Cocktails at Almost Famous Liverpool
Lock Stock and Cherry Bomb

*Not pictured above: the hyperactive sparkler that came served in my spheroid of boozy, cherry goodness. Nice touch guys, nice touch.

Right down to the ice cubes and impatiently shuffling around in our seats after placing our food orders, you’ve never seen two females in a same-sex relationship look so longingly at an approaching male before. Nope, neither of us had caught a sudden case of cold feet, it was just the waiter finally in our midst juggling two towers of pure, tasty temptation in our direction. I mean, he could have had three heads and a butthole for a mouth and I still could have kissed the poor lad at that precise moment in time.

Hallelujah! After a treacherous 15 minute wait, the Frickin’ Hell Mann was finally in front of me ready to be de-stroyed.

Almost Famous Liverpool
Bacon Bacon Fries

Okay, so fine dining it’s not and Michelin star it never will be but the chefs at Almost Famous sure know how to rustle up a mean burger. The double helping of burger was perfectly seasoned (cooked well done), the monstrous mountain of mac ‘n’ cheese was delicious and the pulled pork was as smokey and tender as all your filthiest fantasies tell you it’s going to be. I’ve got to be honest, I did toss my deep fried pickles to one side cause I got beef with the gherkin family but I wrapped everything back up in that soft, toasted brioche bun and went to town.

Totally going against our gut feeling and giving our guts some serious feeling instead, we chased our burgers up with a side of Bacon Bacon Fries with extra pulled pork. Half skin-on and half sweet potato fries and topped with bacon flavoured mayonnaise, this side has always managed to seduce us in one go and my god, that Baconnaise, I’d spread that shit on toast every morning if I could.

So if you can’t already tell, I fully enjoyed the Frickin’ Hell Mann so make sure you take your chance to check it our before it’s gone!

Hellmann’s and trendsetting burger joint, Almost Famous, have created a new limited-edition dish, the Frickin’ Hell Mann, available from 27th July to 24th August. Enjoy at any of the Almost Famous restaurants in Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool between 27th July and 24th August, priced at £12.