Catch the BLK Burger at Archie’s while you can

Missing the Frickin’ Hell-Mann burger from Almost Famous already? Well dry your eyes mate because condiment top cat, Hellmann’s have hopped into bed with another bitchin’ burger joint about town for your next instalment. Yep that’s right, Hellmann’s have launched a brand new collaboration with Archie’s burger bar/shake shack/waffle house and I went to try it out so I could give you the lowdown…

Archies burgers

This one goes by the name of Hot As Hell-Mann and features a BLK Burger charcoal bun. Now you’ll know from the article (rant) I wrote for The Mouthful that I can’t really get on board with all this charcoal fad nonsense but smack my ass and call me Sally, that was one bangin’ burger bun. Super soft and kinda toasty, the charcoal bread made for the perfect case for a generous hunk of golden fried chicken, white cheddar cheese, token lettuce and a layer of jalapeños for good fiery measure – all topped off with a drizzle of Hellmann’s Smokey Chipotle Sauce. Probably as perfect as fast food burgers go actually and I’ve eaten burgers straight off the grill of a real life Garden State diner.

Okay so on a scale of Korma to Vindaloo; I’m a Madras kinda girl. I’m not a fan of sweaty eyelids and I quite like to be able to feel my lips thank you very much but if I’m committing myself to a cuisine that doesn’t shy away from a chilli or two then I do like to feel tingle in the tastebud department. The Hot As Hell-Mann burger was the ideal level for me on the spice scale but if you’re expecting something that’s going to blow your cap off (as you may very well do from such a title) then you might be left feeling a little… meh. You could always ask for extra jalapenos though if that’s the case and hopefully the staff in your local Archie’s will be a whole lot more hospitable and obliging than the buffoons we were served by.

[Insert eye roll emoji]

[Insert middle finger emoji]

Let’s just put it this way, I wasn’t clawing at my mouth in sheer desperation to feel anything other than sweet relief but I was happy to see the waitress come toddling up the stairs with our shakes. Despite being forgotten about and then remade 20 minutes later [Insert eye roll emoji again], the Peanut Butter Protein Boost shake is one of my absolute favourite indulgences. I say indulgence but it’s actually made with low fat milk and fat free frozen yoghurt so it’s basically a hella healthy smoothie right? Yep, let’s go with that.

For all the eye rolling I did on account of the pretty shabby staff at the Archie’s in Liverpool, I did have a bloody delicious dinner and the interior décor is to die for. So if you fancy catching the Archie’s x Hellmann’s burger while it’s hot (literally) get yourself down to your nearest restaurant and get your orders in. It’s only available until the 14th September though so better get your skates on, buddy.

Hellmann’s and Northern burger, shake and waffles joint, Archie’s, have created a new limited-edition dish, the ‘Hot as Hell-Mann’, available from 17th August to 14th September.

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  1. It’s a shame the service wasn’t great but the food sounds incredible! I’ve never even seen a charcoal burger bun before, so now i’m super intrigued…

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