Wined, dined and 59 at The Hollies

Scroll down just a little bit and what you’ll see is the best goddamn garlic bread in Cheshire. I can’t say I’ve tried ’em all (yet) but my god, this cheesy garlic ciabatta with caramelised red onion was unreal. So literally unreal that I almost couldn’t believe I was actually eating it. Surely it was a mirage? The kind of stuff only dreams are made of? I almost needed someone to pinch me to make sure I hadn’t died and gone to heaven. Okay so that might be a tad melodramatic but it really was really, really good. That’s what we had for starters at 59 at The Hollies, alongside some sticky chipolatas with the most luxurious mustard ketchup and a selection of smoked nuts.

Well what a way to kick start proceedings at the newly opened eatery which, as the name subtly suggests, serves its food from 5 ’til 9. Fear not though, The Hollies Farm Shop is an acclaimed farm shop (duh!) in the leafy surroundings of Little Budworth, Cheshire which is adored by me and many for its artisan foodstuffs, its exceptional meats and its cute little cafe which operates pre-5pm before transforming into our August Bank Holiday destination of choice in the evening. Last time it was Salthouse Bacaro, this time 59 at The Hollies.

59 at The Hollies Little Budworth59 at The Hollies Little Budworth

It wasn’t just the garlic bread that was getting big whoops that night though. There were a whole heap of big claims being thrown around the beautifully set table because my Mum also confidently exclaimed (through forkfuls of shoestring onions and roast vine tomatoes) that the Chateaubriand she shared with my other half was the best meal she had ever had. I repeat: the best meal she had ever had. This one also came complete with a crispy Hasselback potato, fries and a blue cheese dressing although you can feel free to accessorise your Chateau how you see fit.

So while those two were salivating over their medium-rare…

You know I love me some pasta, I even kind of know how to make gluten free pasta from scratch these days, so I was fully feeling this fusilli, goats cheese, chargrilled chicken, spinach and red pesto concoction. It was every bit as delicious as this snap suggests (no catfish here) and I couldn’t possibly fault it for flavour. The only word of warning I might impart is that this was one gargantuan portion – like, it was titanic – so just make sure you’re wearing your eating pants.

59 at The Hollies Little Budworth59 at The Hollies Little Budworth

We washed the lot down with some Stardust cocktails (a different-but-delicious combo of Amaretto, strawberry puree and Prosecco) and a few gins from the rather wittily named, Gindex. With way more gins than you shake a rosemary sprig at, the Gindex is a comprehensive catalogue of floral, fruity, spicy etc gins and their recommended mixers and garnishes. We went for a Monkey 47 with lemon and sage, a Manchester Gin with fresh raspberries and Bathtub Gin with strawberries and mint. It was lovely to see my lovely little local distill, Liverpool Gin on there too. #Representin‘.

So if you haven’t gathered by the end of this rather gushing blog post, 59 at The Hollies was a big hit with me and mine. A massive hit actually. In fact, such a colossal success that I’m currently writing this blog post ahead of a second reservation there within 48 hours so if that doesn’t speak volumes to you, I don’t know what will.

Seriously, go check this one out me old muckers!

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