The best breakfasts in Liverpool (IMO)

A selection of 7 of the best places to get brunch/breakfast in Liverpool that need no introduction…

The Bagelry:

I won’t say too much about The Bagelry here because, you know, I did dedicate a whole blog post to it a few weeks ago but what I will say is that you need to whack this baby on your to-visit list pronto. Modest in appearance, nestled away along the quiet strip of Liverpool China Town and taking a diversion from the claustrophobia of the very centre centre, this place is perfect for a bit of peace and quiet. Pick from their selection of specialty bagels, pour yourself a mug of loose leaf and just enjoy the simple, rustic surroundings before it’s back to the chaos of colour. From Garlic Bagels to Maple & Walnut butter, these guys have got every craving covered.

The Bagelry Liverpool
Rainbow Bagel & Jam at The Bagelry, Liverpool

The Brunch Club:

The Brunch Club and I have a somewhat turbulent relationship. There are always other people drooling all over it, stealing its attention from me and making me wait for a table. So, call me irrational, but it’s popularity frustrates me. I’m the jealous type. I’m also still working on forgiving it for that one time it served up lukewarm scrambled eggs one particularly busy Saturday afternoon. Our good times far outweigh the bad though and I’ve been one happy little bunny each of the other billion and ones times I’ve parked my hungry self in it’s urban-chic abode.

As the name suggests, this baby dedicates itself to the kind of breakfast food that makes you want to hop, skip and jump out of bed in the morning. Served until 5pm and with Brunch Cocktails on the menu, this one is the perfect contender for all you sleepyheads out there. I’ve heard glowing things about the Eggs Benedict but I can never steer myself away from the tasty Vegetarian Breakfast.

Vincent Cafe:

If the breakfast gods were to call down to me from their special place in heaven and offer me unlimited stomach space and a bountiful budget, here’s how I’d use them: I’d do breakfast at Vincent’s, pop up to Bold Street for lunch at The Vincent Kitchen and then back down to Exchange Flags for dinner at The Vincent restaurant and cocktail bar. This brand has got it absolutely going on with it’s cluster of exceptional eateries and breakfast/brunch is certainly no exception.

I mean, this wasn’t just any old jam on toast. This was spreadable Berry Compote, an indulgent Nut Granola for sprinkling and perfectly golden rye bread. Perfect. The Banana, Nutella & Honey Waffle or the bacon, sausage and egg brioche are next on my agenda so just you watch this space.


SIREN Liverpool:

A little off the beaten track and one of the lesser known cafes in the city but definitely one of Liverpool’s most visit-worthy hidden gems is Siren. Sitting regally at 54 St James Street in the hip ‘n’ happenin’ Baltic Triangle, Siren was my go-to for breakfast (and brownies) when I worked in the city. I enjoyed nothing more than their sausage and scrambled eggs on toast with a cuppa (milk, no sugar) before heading to my desk and all at a very affordable price too.

Oh and don’t get me started on sitting in the Siren garden with a smoothie when the sun was cracking the flags of Liverpool’s most upcoming, creative district. Ahhh. Attached to The Women’s Org HQ, this hangout can get pretty busy pretty quickly so just pick your timing.


If I could eat at LEAF cafe on Bold Street for breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert then I absolutely would. In fact, I have (albeit over the course of a weekend). You’re probably bored of me singing LEAF’s praises by now but hey, it really is one of my favourite spots for a breakfast/brunch date in Liverpool. I normally go for the Veggie Breakfast because I’m a sucker for halloumi cheese and a potato croquette and both feature on this plate of complete and utter deliciousness.

LEAF (as the name suggests) also specialise in loose leaf teas so you can ditch you builder’s brew for one day and go for something a little more exotic to wash your doorstop toast down.


Moose Coffee:

Okay so it wouldn’t be a ‘best places to get breakfast in Liverpool’ post if I didn’t mention the illustrious, the legendary, Moose Coffee. Moose has become quite the cult venue when it comes to brunching Scouse-side for their monstrous pancake stacks, their waffles and their sticky, sticky milkshakes. Yep, that’s right, milkshakes in the morning. Moose does pay homage to the glorious American breakfast culture after all.

I once went to Moose before a long train journey and nearly hurled up my insides I let myself get so full on sausage-stuffed maple pancakes so if you one of those people who can’t stomach much food in the morning, I’d definitely suggest sharing or going for something lighter like scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. Alternatively, feel free to face-plant the blueberry pancakes full throttle and wash it down with a Snickers shake because when all’s said and done, it’s 100% worth the nausea.

Côte Brasserie:

If baked beans ‘n’ bread ain’t your bag, or you just can’t get on board with dessert in the A.M. then book yourself a pre-noon table at Côte Brasserie in Liverpool ONE instead. Serving up traditional French fare from dawn ’til dusk (well, not quite – check the opening times), Côte airs a little more on the fancy side but lends a more continental vibe to your petit dejeuner. I enjoyed the  Crêpe Complète, which is a bloody delicious concoction of oatmeal-esque pancake, scrambled eggs, bacon, chives and Gruyère cheese.

Er, yes please.

Breakfast at Cote Liverpool

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