The Liverpool Food & Drink Festival debrief

Liverpool Food and Drink Festival Sefton Park 2017
My little taste-bud and I carrying our hefty food babies around sunny Sefton Park

A couple of weeks ago, I showed you my Liverpool Food & Drink Festival hit list, so with the fabulous event now (unfortunately) crossed off the calendar, I thought I’d report back. Now I did warn you that Almost Famous and Señor Churros are a bit of a LFDF holy grail amongst me and mine and I can confirm, we were true to my word. Crispy, cocoa-dunked churros were devoured and a trip to the old Almost Famous Wondertruck was first on the agenda for a delicious, oozing and piping hot Bacon Wonderburger.

We went with my parents, as has become a bit of a tradition over the past 3 years and the four of us decided to take a new tactic this year. We decided to bring our willpower along for the ride and not fill up too fast on the first thing that caught our hungry eyes. Contrary to what my Twitter or Instagram might suggest, I do actually get full from time to time so we thought the less is more approach would be the way forward.

Almost Famous Wonderburger Liverpool Food and Drink Festival 2017Caribou Poutine Liverpool Food and Drink Festival Sefton Park 2017

Cue the divine Steak Poutine from Caribou Poutine that we shoved four forks into like rabid animals who had only just discovered the joys of perfectly seasoned fries topped with steak, cheese curds, gravy and garlic butter. As a traditional Canadian delicacy, poutine is top of my foodie bucket list but this authentic interpretation was definitely something I’ll be hankering after time and time again. Another tick off my hit list.

Liverpool Food & Drink Festival is one of the best and most highly anticipated events in the Scouse calendar and this year didn’t disappoint. So while I’m here, let me say a huge congrats to the SK Events team who pulled another absolute blinder out the bag. From celebrity demos (including The Hairy bloody Bikers!) and an actual real life dog crèche to live music and an electric atmosphere that never fails to make me smile, these guys just keep setting that bar higher.

Back to the best bit now though – the food, glorious food…

Liverpool Food and Drink Festival Sefton Park 2017Senor Churros Liverpool Food and Drink Festival Sefton Park 2017

After bidding adios to a portion of muy delicioso churros from our favourite aforementioned Señor, I dragged everybody away from the wine tent in a beeline towards The Cookie Dough Company concession. This was one of the first to make it onto my hit list but I can’t say it lived up to the hype. There wasn’t anything wrong with the edible cookie dough, it was more a matter of texture.

I was expecting bonafide cookie dough – maybe even warm with a bit of ice cream on the side – what we had was stone cold, scooped out like ice cream and with a sort of rough, grainy texture that I wasn’t quite prepared for. Perfectly palatable,  just not my ting. I guess I just prefer consuming the kind of cookie dough that comes with a salmonella warning.

I did enforce a quick pit stop at Thomas Cookie Co. to pick up some artisan biscuit magic because my cookie cravings were real by this time and I swear I heard their white chocolate cookie calling my name as I was squelching through the mud on our way in.

Edible Cookie Dough Company Liverpool Food and Drink Festival Sefton Park 2017

Okay so I certainly left a few boxes unticked on my Liverpool Food & Drink hit list but believe it or not, there is only so much space in this stomach of mine and a gal has got to still fit into her jeans this week. I would definitely take advantage of the weekend tickets next time and dedicate both days to munching my way around the park grounds because the Sabbath Day just ain’t enough time to do your dirty worst.

Having said that, I did have to exit the event walking (shuffling) at a 45 degree angle because I was literally bursting at the seams AND I did have to have a solid hour nap as soon as I got home to sleep off the food coma… Didn’t stop us from taking a little box of the most beautiful (and totally irresistible), sweet spoils home with us though did it…

Joni Bakermade macarons Liverpool Food and Drink Festival Sefton Park 2017
Show Me Joni macarons – Vanilla Bean, Pistachio, Cherry & Almond, S’mores, Raspberry, Caramel & Pecan Nut


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