Fire & Ice Christmas parties at the Titanic Hotel

You can call me what you like, Tinsel Tits because I’m going to be putting my Christmas tree up on the 1st of December and there ain’t nothing you can do about it. I mean, my festive season started way back in August when I sampled the Chaophraya Liverpool ONE Christmas menu so I was all for going on my (very) merry way to the beautiful Titanic Hotel in Stanley Dock last week to see what’s on their festive agenda this year.

If you aren’t a fan of dropping the C-bomb pre-December then you might want to go and read about the best breakfasts in Liverpool or something because things about to get merry and bright up in here…

Titanic Hotel Liverpool Fire and Ice Christmas parties 2017

When I was chatting to a lovely lady from the Titanic Hotel over a glass of smoking Prosecco aswe first rocked up to the slick, stylish space, she described the Rum Warehouse as being a ‘blank canvas’ on which you party people can paint your own festive masterpiece. The vast, industrial-chic venue can bepretty much yours for the taking. However if you’ve only got your mind on your bevvies and your bevvies on your mind and simply cba with the hassle of dressing the venue or pulling a bitchin’ theme out of the bag, there’s always the fab-u-lous Fire & Ice theme which comes as standard with the package.

That’s precisely what we were treated to on the night – a sparkling showcase of sizzling hot entertainment and an interior landscape that was as cool as they come really. So along with the three courses of delectable delight (which I’ll move onto swiftly), the Fire & Ice Christmas parties come complete with: red carpet reception, a rather theatrical glass of fizz on arrival, live music from The Toni James Band and a little bit of awesome eye candy from the super talented Chloe Hannah Bass.

Titanic Hotel Liverpool Fire and Ice Christmas parties 2017

For many the main focus of a festive bash are the bubbles and the boogie but for fanatic foodies like yours truly, the edibles are just as high on the priority pecking order. You might be puking it up all over Matthew Street later on but you surely want it to taste good pre-coming onto your boss and lashing your stilettos in the Mersey, right? Besides, eatin’ ain’t cheatin’ when it’s pigs in blankets and boozy chocolate cheesecake.

The menu is simple yet perfectly sophisticated and the food is pretty near flawless. The options are split into two per course so there is a little bit of wiggle room to cater to your personal preferences which is always nice. I went for the Pea & Ham Hock soup to start (in place of a goat’s cheese and pear concoction), the Turkey Roast (because duh!) for the main event and the Baileys & White Chocolate Cheesecake to finish because believe it or not, this festive fairy can’t stand Christmas pudding (as lovely as it looked). All perfectly seasoned and piping hot which is no mean feat when there are many, many hungry mouths to feed.

Titanic Hotel Liverpool Fire and Ice Christmas parties 2017

Titanic Hotel Liverpool Fire and Ice Christmas parties 2017

Titanic Hotel Liverpool Fire and Ice Christmas parties 2017

So if you’re thinking about Christmas parties in Liverpool and fancy the look of this here array of festive fare and eye-popping entertainment, check out the Titanic Hotel Fire & Ice party nights brochure. Or just pop an email into the inbox and I’m sure some helpful little elves will get back to you in two shakes of Santa’s jingle bells.

Okay so are you more Ebenezer Scroogle or Santa’s little helper? Let me know in the comment below and I promise I won’t judge you… (maybe).


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