It’s only flippin’ Free Shake Fridays at Archie’s

Your Fri-nally it’s Fri-yay just got even better because one of the coolest burger joints in town has seriously come up with the goods. Archie’s, famed for its secret-recipe waffles, homemade burgers and shakes so thick Sean Paul would sing about ‘em, is offering a free milkshake with every order of burger and fries until the end of October and we’re all about that life.

All you have to do to get that free shake goodness in your sticky mitts is to head on down to any of the Liverpool or Manchester stores before 27th October and buy any burger and fries combo. Once you’ve got the burger ‘n’ chips in the bag (literally), choose any single flavour shake from the notorious chocolate and sweet menus and slurp it all up, completely free of charge with a generous squirt of whippy cream on top. Too good to miss, right?

We’re not just talking your bog standard vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or banana here. We’re talking down right dirty food porn that has had celebrities including Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor and Princess Pia Mia taking a pew in the neon pink palace for a dose of sweet, milky goodness.

Free Shake Fridays archies Liverpool
Peanut Butter Protein Boost shake at Archie’s, Liverpool

Free Shake Fridays celebrate the single flavours on the menu but once you’ve taken advantage of the deal, I strongly suggest heading back for a Peanut Butter Protein Boost. This baby technically sits on the ‘Not Shakes’ menu but as a blend of low fat milk, fat free frozen yoghurt, vanilla protein powder and good old PB, it makes for a bloody delicious alternative. Plus, it’s shaken not stirred so it’s a shake in my eyes.

I’m the kind of gal that isn’t scared to indulge but I do also like wearing skinny jeans on the regular so the Peanut Butter Protein Boost has been my go-to Archie’s treat for a while. It’s as thick as thick can be – like jaw achingly gloopy, strong in flavour – none of that wishy-washy crap and very reasonably priced I think at just £3.59 a pop. I promise you aren’t going to feel robbed of that belly-busting milkshake satisfaction with this bad boy.

For more info about Free Shake Fridays go to or @lovearchies on Twitter or Instagram. Oh and FYI, for all you freshers out there feeling the effects of the legendary Liverpool nightlife, Archie’s also offers 10% student discount all year round when you present your beloved student ID card.

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