Guest post: How to curb your office cravings

As I’m sat writing this post, I’m in a warm office with dull skies and what looks like the start of an autumn shower. It’s days like this that I can appreciate working in an office instead of a job which means working outdoors, albeit there are perks to working outdoors when the sun is shining and you can top up your tan, but let’s be honest, we don’t get much sun in this country.

Like most of us, I try to live a healthy lifestyle but sometimes working in an office can get the better of me. The morning has gone quite quickly, I’ve had my dinner and the afternoon starts to drag, I’ll have the occasional look at the clock to see if it’s any closer to 5pm than the last time I looked but to my disappointment, it isn’t. It’s times like this I start to feel peckish and find myself glaring at the tub of Cadbury’s Roses which are sat opposite me (thanks to Hungry H).

It’s no secret that working in an office can add a few inches to your waist line if you’re not careful. Serial snacking and being sat down for the majority of the day can start to takes its toll on your body. I wish I could say I eat healthily all the time but the fact is, I don’t and I do get swayed to have the odd sweet treat in work, but it’s all about finding the right balance and after all, it’s not a crime. Whether it’s snacking in the morning or the afternoon, there are a range of healthy alternatives that may help curve those office cravings.

To start with you need to make sure you’re having breakfast, if not then you’ve fallen at the first hurdle. Overnight oats are a great way to start your day and I sometimes have them as a mid-morning snack if I’m feeling extra hungry, which is most of the time.


Most of the time my cravings are for something sweet so I snack on sweet & salty popcorn, dried fruit & nuts, but a lot of protein bars offer a sweet hit and can be very filling. Carbs and protein are what’s going to fill you so try and find snacks you like that can provide these nutrients, as what I like may not be for you.

Mugshots, veg sticks & hummus, protein shakes, Greek yoghurt and Graze snacks are all alternative options to help steer you away from the sweet treats. As well as food, making sure you keep hydrated and drink lots of water will also provide you with a fuller feeling, for longer.

This post has been written by Men’s lifestyle blogger, Jack. For similar content feel free to have a nose over at My Take On Life.

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