Weekend at Salty’s: grilled cheese & bottomless booze

When Saturday morning rolls around it’s absolutely lashing it down outside, the temptation to leave my other half snoozing away while I get the hot chocolates on the go is all too tempting. The thought of putting actual clothes on to go and battle the elements just ain’t as appealing as accepting the hermit life but the chance to go and sample the new autumnal offering at Salt Dog Slim’s was a good enough excuse to jump our hungry hearts.

(Plus, it gave us the perfect chance to swing by The Bagelry to pick up some bagels for breakfast the next day and a fresh batch of pecan & maple cream cheese spread!)

So here’s the deal: you hand over £25 per person and in return, you can take your pick from one of Salty’s signature hot dogs or a grilled cheese with a cute lil tin of hot tomato soup, then wash the lot down with bottomless (yes, unlimited) Bloody Marys or Espresso Martinis. Here’s how it went down…



Being the good little food and drink blogger I am, we ordered one of everything and went halfsies (hence the guillotined hot dog below) to give you a fair review. As part of the Weekend at Salty’s deal, you’re served up classic versions of their hot dog and grilled cheese menus and both we’re bloody delicious. With it’s graffiti-ed walls and reputation as the hottest hang out in town if you like wearing Huf socks and battered Vans Old Skools, the fodder couldn’t be more fitting.

Our dog, served with a side of salted pretzels and drizzled with two types of sauce and a sprinkling of dried onions was perfect. A proper emoji hot dog and much, much sicker than yo’ average slimy German sausage. Being able to dip our grilled cheese into a pocket-sized portion of tomato soup was a game changer for me though and upped the cosy ante tenfold.

We both passed the Seel Street threshold as Bloody Mary virgins and left kinda wishing we still were. The combination of tomato base, vodka, hot sauce and a crunchy pickled onion garnish was not for either of us but having sampled the spicy, homemade concoction I can appreciate that it’s a goodun for those who dig it. The Espresso Martini was knockout – the perfect mix and moreish AF.



Now again, coffee isn’t typically my flavour of choice – I normally prefer something sweeter when it comes to cocktails – so the guys behind the all-American bar were kind enough to shake up a bespoke beverage to tickle my taste buds just right. While we chomped our way through the edibles, our tender whipped up a cream-based cocktail that ticked all my boxes and obviously came served in an upcycled milk carton. So if these guys can deal with fussy fuckers like Yours Truly, you know you’re onto a winner. We even stuck around for a Fancy Bastard and an Instant Power Sour, the latter comprising of sour cherry foam, San Pellegrino and a generous splash of Amaretto – dreamy.

Okay so cordon bleu it’s not and airing on the more expensive side it may be but if you fancy shaking your Saturday/Sunday routine up a bit and doing something different, why not? You could get hit by a bus tomorrow and never have experienced the pleasure of a Salty’s grilled cheese dipped in molten tommy soup. Or the euphoria of an ice cold Espresso Martini when you just can’t seem to shake that lazy lie in lag.

Just sayin…

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