Why I went to Crazy Pedro’s Liverpool and took no photos

Okay so that’s a bit of a lie. I did take a few photos while I was at the launch of Crazy Pedro’s on Liverpool‘s famous Parr Street but they’re just Snapchat snaps so they don’t count as proper photos do they? As you know from my 11 reasons why I’m actually a really bad food blogger, sometimes I do (unintentionally) forgo my camera in favour of good old fashioned fun and last week’s event was definitely one of those occasions.

So here’s why I have negligible photographic evidence of my time at Crazy P’s…

The pizza was poppin’ 

For a ‘part-time pizza parlour’ (‘full-time party bar’), Crazy Pedro’s sure knows how to make triangular slices of dough topped with various odds and sods taste damn fine. I’m a take-it-or-leave-it kind o’ gal when it comes to pizza really. If it’s in front of me, I’m all about that cheese-smothered carb life but I’d probably never pick it off a menu where there are other options. You’ve got to seriously knock me off my trotters to have me raving about pizza and Crazy Pedro’s Liverpool can now join the likes of Elephant Bank Pizza in doing precisely that. By the slice or the full 18″.

During the evening we managed to accost a couple of waiters and loot them of the Pedro’s World Famous Hotdog Pizza (beer soaked frank, American cheese, crispy onions, French mustard) and the vegetarian Summer B (wild mushrooms, spinach, garlic ricotta, truffle oil). The latter absolutely delicious and a standout in my pizza-tasting portfolio which, coming from a convicted carnivore, is high praise. The kind of pizza where even the crusts are positively irresistible.

We did make a sneaky trip back the next day for a slice of the November special, brilliantly titled the Kiev & Perri and generously layered on a garlic base with garlic butter chicken, green beans, peri peri mayo and parsley. As you can see, just like its Parr Street neighbour, Almost Famous Liverpool the Crazy Pedro’s menu mafia spared no wit when it came to naming their creations either and I bloody love that. Who doesn’t want to stand at the bar and order a Ducky Fuzz?!

I discovered that Hoola Hooch is a thing

Yep, your favourite homage to those student days is available in passionfruit and mango flavour. Who knew? Well I didn’t so obviously I had to snap one of those up from the well-stocked bar. There is a mean cocktail list to whet your appetite though so be sure to check that out. The list is split into ‘Agave’ and ‘Not Agave’ – the former muddled with honey and the latter honey-free. Whether it’s some Fake News!, a Titty Twister or the blue Marg Simpson, there is plenty of poison to pick from.

The DJ was literally on fire

Okay, he wasn’t l-i-t-e-r-a-l-l-y up in flames but bloody hell, he was dropping tunes like they were 200 degrees celcius. Being the 21st Century female that I am, I did manage to hunt him down on social media so if you fancy stalking the poor guy like I will be, hit up Ben Randm on Instagram.

Er, pinball! 

Yup, as well as dishing out some of the best pizza in town and nachos that I’ve heard will have you screaming ¡Arriba arriba! ¡Ándale Ándale! for days after, these guys have also installed a Pinball machine and a beer pong table.

So, all in all, what more could you want? I’m definitely pro-Pedro. In fact, I’ve been sleeping in the Crazy Pedro’s t-shirt I left with on Thursday night so it must be love. Watch this space because I can feel a blossoming romance (and an extra 2 stone) coming on before the year’s out.

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