Road-testing the Heavenly Desserts Liverpool menu

There have been so many occasions where my pals and I have found ourselves wandering around the city, hankering after something sweet to eat but until now, that scratch to satisfy the itch hasn’t really existed. There are, of course, places like Kaspa’s and Archie’s but I tend to find these a little kitsch with too much emphasis on style and a distinct lack of substance in the dessert department.

Have no fear though, fellow cookie monsters, Heavenly Desserts is now plugging that gap in the market for a place to get good pud with the most indulgent, decadent post-dinner sweets. Like, that gap is now positively oozing with options and I’m chuffed to announce that we now have our very own Heavenly Desserts hang out on Liverpool’s iconic Strand Street. Forget Smarties and sprinkles, this stylish dessert house and gelato parlour is upping the ante tenfold and last night, I selflessly sampled the extensive menu just for you.

Heavenly Desserts Liverpool Strand Street

Now when I say the Heavenly Desserts menu is extensive, you better believe I ain’t lying. We’re talking 52 pages (FIFTY TWO) of artisan desserts to choose from here, including a ‘Create Your Own’ option which makes picking a pud pretty much limitless. From waffles, crêpes and hot baked cookie dough to luxurious gelato, artisan cheesecakes and ice cream milkshakes, this dreamy little eatery will, quite literally, leave you like a kid in a candy shop.

Thankfully, the choice was taken out of my sticky mitts last night because seriously, I might have been there all damn night trying to whittle my options down to just one. (Good job the Heavenly Desserts opening times are from 8am – 1.30am, right? Yes, you read that correctly!) We were treated to a selection of Heavenly Desserts’ most popular picks which included the I’ll Have What She’s Having waffle, the One Last Time I Promise crêpe, a white chocolate crêpe, one of the many hot cookie dough dishes and taste of some of HD’s famous cheesecakes.

Heavenly Desserts Liverpool Strand Street

Heavenly Desserts Liverpool Strand Street

My personal favourite just had to be the warm cookie dough, drizzled with thick white chocolate sauce and served with whipped cream and vanilla, chocolate chip gelato. I’ve always been a sucker for cookie dough. I used to buy the chunks of ready-to-bake cookie dough from Costco but if I were to hazard a guess, I’d say only 20% of them actually made it into the oven so I knew this one was going to be a winner and it really was.

I also scoffed down my share of the golden waffle like I had never been fed before and thoroughly enjoyed the lavish drizzles of Belgian chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce and delicious Stracciatella gelato. I’ve got to be honest, the strawberries on top were bottom of the priority pile for my hungry eyes but the couple I did munch on in a token effort to acknowledge a need for nutrients were super sweet and juicy. Sourcing a fine specimen of strawberry at this time of year is no mean feat either.

Heavenly Desserts Liverpool Strand Street

Aside from the divine repertoire of puds, I also love what Heavenly Desserts is all about. Usually at these launch events, you’re plied with plenty of wine and beer because that’s what we all need to have a good time, right? Wrong. Heavenly Desserts is flying the flag for those of us out here who’d rather get their kicks from double helpings of custard than a double Jack ‘n’ coke. Heavenly Desserts is an alcohol-free zone which makes a refreshing change from the norm. Don’t get me wrong, I bloody love a cocktail or a G&T but well, it’s just nice to have other options.

If any of my foodie friends from other corners of the country have got a bad case of FOMO right now, do not despair. Heavenly Desserts isn’t exclusive to Liverpool ONE – it is also in Birmingham, Leicester, Derby, Nottingham and Preston so you can all get your fix. It’s also on Deliveroo too so if having handcrafted, artisan desserts delivered to your bedside sounds like something you’d enjoy then you know what to do.

You can bet your bottom chocolate coin I’ll be back soon!

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