My foodie bucket list: the festive edition

I’m all about German markets, my favourite bars transforming into their very own versions of a winter wonderland and dragging out Christmas for as long as humanly possible but when it comes to festive food, I ain’t feelin’ it. For somebody who would quite happily put December 25th on repeat for eternity like some sort of 50 First Dates spin off, I’m a real no-show when it comes to traditional Christmas fare.

Mulled wine and mince pies? It’s a no from me. Not even Christmas Pud makes the cut. Oh and brussel sprouts can bugger off too. Don’t worry – the pigs in blankets are safe. I could trough my way through enough of those tasty little morsels that I, myself, transform into a pig in a blanket. Have no fear though my culinary comrades for my taste buds aren’t 100% Ebeneezer Scrooge and there are a few festive treats I’ve got my hungry eyes fixed firmly on this year…

An all-American 3-courser at Hickory’s 

You all know about my affinity with the US by now and stateside grub isn’t exempt from that adoration. Alas… while my bank balance doesn’t quite extend to winter in The Big (spiced) Apple, the Hickory’s Smokehouse Christmas menu is looking like the next best thing. We’re talking 3 courses for £24.95 with menu choices including Homebaked American Pretzel, Southern Style Roast Turkey, Kansas Ribs and Egg Nog flippin’ Tart. Sign me right up.

Festive Afternoon Tea at the Malmaison

I’m cheating a bit here because this one is already firmly in the diary so just you hold tight for a full review on that. I’m a huge fan of standard afternoon tea at the Malmaison hotel in Liverpool so dust a bit of faux snow icing sugar over it and I’ll be just about ready to kiss the entire kitchen crew under the mistletoe I’m sure of it. I’m particularly excited about the promise of festive gingerbread, yule log and the pig in blanket brioche. Thank you, Santa.

*Edit: Full review of Festive Afternoon Tea at the Malmaison.

ALL of the cheese at Melt 

This one is reason number 78325 to love the bones of Liverpool and that’s a pop-up eatery dedicated entirely to the wonders of cheese. During the summer months, Constellations mascarades as one of the hottest hangouts in the city but for the next few months, the garden will be an Aladdin’s Cave of sweet, sweet dairy. Complete with mulled beverages, hot chocolate and roaring fire, Melt as it’s so brilliantly titled will be serving up cheese in all it’s most delectable forms. From fondue and raclettes to the humble grilled cheese. I’m ready (so ready) to embrace the post-cheese binge nightmares. Bring it on.


The iconic Almost Famous Christmas burger, duh! 

I’m an Almost Famous regular all year round but I’ve been ranting and raving about the AF Christmas burger special since frisbee plates and Bitch Juice glow sticks. I was knocking down the door to get my hands on the very first Almost Famous Christmas special which was a glorious tower of double beefburger, stuffing, turkey, cranberry, gravy and pigs in blankets so I’m looking forward to what 2017’s installment has to offer. I’ve seen snaps of something similar with a sausage roll plonked on the top for good measure so I’m hoping the rumours are true. Watch this space.

A big old Yorkshire Pudding Wrap 

The Yorkshire Pudding wrap is a bit like Zoella. It burst onto the scene in a gargantuan way and now it’s getting roasted – but here, I mean that quite literally. I’ve been hearing whispers of a Roast Wrap at the Liverpool Christmas Market at St George’s Hall this year and I can’t wait to sink my gnashers into it. It comprises the champion components of a Christmas dinner and rolls ’em all up in a hot, crispy Yorkshire pudding the size of your head. The stuff dreams are made of, right?

(Sound far too neanderthal for you? Give my marginally more delicate Manuka-fried Banana & Nutella sweet Yorkshire wrap a whack instead)

If nothing else, at least my festive foodie bucket list will provide me with some cold hard evidence when my wobbly lip is wondering why I can’t even get my jeans past my knees and we’re having to get the floorboards reinforced come January…

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