The clash of modern & classic kitchen decor

In a bid to bulk out the ‘Non Edibles’ portion of my little old blog, I thought I’d stop waffling on (pun 100% intended) about the actual food for a minute and concentrate on where the magic happens. No, not that magic – the culinary kind of alchemy – you know, cooking – and delve a little deeper into my thoughts on kitchen décor. Earlier this year I featured a guest post on the essentials any great kitchen requires but now it’s time to look at the interior design and how you can make the most out of kitchen and dining space if, like us, you live in a cosy little flat.

As with the dishes and flavour combinations you whip up in your kitchen (even those borderline disgusting ones you don’t tell anybody about), interior design is a very personal thing. It’s all about unique tastes and ideas on style. Do you go for traditional farmhouse with a chunky ceramic sink and an AGA cooker, or do you opt for that futuristic aesthetic with silver over e’rythang? Either way, interior styles for our homes are extremely influential on our everyday lives. It’s our humble abode, where we sit and eat with friends and family; where we celebrate Friday night with a takeaway or mourn Monday morning with a cuppa and some soggy toast.

So here’s how it goes down in chez Hungry Haz…


The dining table (aka ‘The Glassy Alter’)

Also tripling up as my other half’s make up station (much to my disdain) and the desk we shackle ourselves to when there are deadlines to meet, our dining table is a hive of activity. Our dining table is an inanimate object playing an important role in ritual tendencies. When shopping around for our dining table, I noticed lots of modern styles incorporate metal around the frame. I quite like the industrial look but this can be slightly off-putting for those who want to stick to something more timeless like a hardwood slab with traditional carvings on the legs.

Trends at the moment are using large one-piece cuts of tempered glass, typically in bold oval shapes and glass is what we went for in the end. It looks great, it’s super easy to clean and it also doesn’t clutter our living/dining/kitchen space. I am very fond of the traditional hunting lodge/forest cabin kind of aesthetic so we’ve combined modern styles which use sharp straight lines with softer, more natural wooden elements too.








Which moves me on nicely to…

Maximising kitchen storage space

Living in a flat means our chill out/lounge area, our dining space and our kitchen are all much of a muchness. It’s basically all one big room split into respective segments via furnishing. Furniture choice matters, as it plays the role of the hard object in the home and for us, helps us create a divide between spaces while still looking fab-u-lous, if I do say so myself. Things like ottomans, coffee tables with drawers, cabinets and drawers can be modified, put anywhere in the home and still be usable as extra kitchen storage (for non-perishable items of course).

We are the storage queens – we’ve got boxes, shelves and units all over the gaff, literally. My favourite is our bookshelf of curiosities, which also doubles up perfectly as a great drinks cabinet for when the kitchen units and cupboards are packed to the rafters. Sideboards are also undergoing a style revival I’ve noticed of late. Take for example these babies: –  the use of vibrant colours and cool designs pack a punch of attitude and modern design.

I’ve actually got my peepers on a bloody gorgeous Oliver Bonas sideboard to match our OB bedside cabinets when we eventually move into our 10 bedroom mansion…

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