Christmas breakfast ideas to have up your sleeve

Woah, woah, woah! Where the F is does December think it’s running off to? It doesn’t seem like two seconds since I was sampling Christmas menus and compiling my festive foodie bucket list and now it’s only 11 kips until the big day. Well blow me down with a piece of tinsel, that went fast. I have to say, the lazy lie ins and the 9am boozy hot chocolates on the horizon are more than welcome, as is the chance to over indulge in my favourite meal of the day – breakfast!

Being a slave to the 9-to-5 means my beloved breakfasts hardly ever get the TLC they truly deserve. Usually it’s some frozen berries and yoghurt, or some form of toasted carbs if I’m lucky. Time off work and the innate indulgence of the festive season means it’s about to get real luxurious up in here though. As the royal ‘they’ always says, it’s the most important meal of the day so here are some of the Christmas breakfast ideas I’ll be adding to my recipe roster over the coming weeks.

Don’t be fooled into thinking Christmas dinner is the only start of this panto; breakfast can be just as bad ass if you want it to be. Hello, bubble ‘n’ squeak and Bucks Fizz!

A big old Full English fry up

While not everybody will go so full throttle on the fuck it, it’s Christmas mantra as me, a classic English fry up is something you really can’t go wrong with. I mean, it is a tradition so it would be rude not to get the sausage, bacon, door stop toast, breakfast potatoes and baked beans on the go. In our house, we even chuck on some butter-fried banana which might sound completely and utterly bonkers but trust my tastebuds, it works.

Lay a little egg for me

If the mere thought of stuffing yourself with a Full English ahead of your Christmas dinner is enough to send you slipping into a phantom food coma, go for eggs ‘n’ toast instead. However you like your eggs in the morning, this is always as cosy as can be and provides an early morning boost of protein that will set you up the day. Whether it’s the perfect scrambled eggs, sunny side up or boiled eggs with soldiers, you better get crackin’. Urgh, sorry…

Get some motherflippin’ pancakes on the go

Does this recommendation even need any justification? Pancakes are just about one of the most versatile foodstuffs there is and always go down with the little ones and adults alike. You can serve ’em sweet with maple syrup, fruit, chocolate spread or a simple sugar & lemon combo, or savoury with streaky bacon and brie.

Avocado on toast. Duh. 

While I’m not a lover of the old avo’ on toast – pause for sarcastic eye roll – I can appreciate that pretty much 95% of the population is goo goo ga ga for it right now. So chances are, you might end up with a guest sitting at your festive breakfast table hoping to get a good shot of the green stuff for their #ChristmasDay Insta story. To be fair, your cholesterol levels might thank you for punctuating your more lavish morning meals with some creative avocado toast ideas anyway.

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