A DIY-dodger’s guide to kitchen decor

As I’m sure you’re all doing too by now, I’m starting to compile a mental list of things I swear I’m going to get round to doing in 2018 even though I haven’t managed them thus far. It’s always the way – you make grand plans in January then suddenly March is on the way out, summer starts shimmying its way past at the speed of light and your to-do list remains very much undone. Hell, you might as well leave until the new year all over again. Well not this year Hungry Harriet, this year you’re gon’ get shit done.

My list as it currently stands goes as follows:

  1. Build a bubble butt that Rihanna would be envious of.
  2. Dedicate more time to getting back into photography.
  3. Finally do something about my overwhelming urge for a pen pal.
  4. Make stopping biting my nails a permanent fixture.
  5. Stop treating my savings account like Monopoly money.

Sixth on that list is to give my kitchen a much-needed makeover. Of all the rooms in our cosy little abode, the kitchen and bathrooms are the ones that I’d love to shake up a bit so I’m making it my personal mission to get round to it at some point during 2018. Operation: Kitchen Wishlist is go! The only small spanner in the works is that we are still currently renting our gaff (see number 5 on that list up there) so we’re fairly limited on the changes we can make when it comes to interior design.

So for anybody in a similar situation to me – wanting their kitchen to look like something fresh off of a Pinterest board – but not able to do so for whatever reason, here are some surface, cosmetic things you can do:

Those little finishing touches

Dinosaur house plant pot
Say hello to Dino

When all else fails, you can always rely on some kitchen accessories to turn things around. Something as simple as a fresh vase of blooms, a house plant, or replacing your knackered pots and pans can be all it takes to get your creative juices flowing. Wall clocks, cork boards, new drawer knobs, a vintage light bulb or some cool fridge magnets are seemingly small features that won’t cost much but will pack a punch of personality. Plus, they are all fairly temporary if you need to remove them at short notice.

(Disclaimer: please do check with your landlord before doing any of the above!)

Consider some new flooring

I’ll hold my sticky mitts up and say I’m one messy son of a gun. I know all too well the perils of pasta sauce splashes, spice smears and the never-ending mountain of crumbs that end up crushed into those impossible-to-reach crannies. Deep cleansing is all well and good but when time and money permit, a brand spankin’ new floor is way more fun and can transform the look of the kitchen entirely. I actually used to work in the marketing team at a flooring brand so I know how important it is to find a great residential flooring company that will find a floor to suit your style and requirements.

Spruce up your paintwork

Usually, the floor and walls are the main focal points of a room due to their vastness so how you decorate these will really set the tone. The old peepers are often drawn to kitchen cupboards too so if you can repaint these, this will refresh the room and enable you to switch up the entire aesthetic should you wish to. I think the cool kids might call this ‘upcycling‘. The best thing about upcycling is that you can add your own personal touches and bespoke elements without having to pick from  catalogue or stick to a pre-built design.


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