The best food tours in New York and Reykjavik

As you’ll probably know by now from my incessant excitement-fueled ramblings (sorry), I’m off on a two-part trip in April where I’ll be spending 3 days in Iceland and 4 days in the mighty NYC. I posted a bit of a Reykjavik/New York bucket list last week to keep tabs on all of the fabulous food and drink I hope to end up filling my face with while I’m there but one thing I did want to do some extra investigation into was food tours. Here’s what I’ve found so far…

The best food tours in Reykjavik, Iceland:

The Reykjavik Food Walk – In what claims to be the tastiest tour in Iceland, the Reykjavik Food Walk offers the chance to sample 13 traditional delicacies in a 3-4 hour introduction to Icelandic cuisine. Tasting opportunities include the famous Iceland hot dog, Icelandic lamb, homemade ice cream and seasonal cheese sampling.

Golden Circle Gourmet Food Tasting Tour – I’m not sure this one will be on our agenda as we’ve already got a trip to see the Golden Circle in the diary but if you’re on the hunt for things to do in Reykjavik, the Golden Circle Gourmet Tour looks incredible. Slightly more pricey at £185pp but it is a full day tour (8.5 hours) combining ‘food-centric’ highlights and must-see scenic stops along the way including the Gullfoss Waterfall and Thingvellir National Park. Edible offerings include smoked lamb, dried fish and rhubarb jelly pancakes.


Tastes of Iceland – Okay so this is one is definitely designed with those with a bonafide dedication to world cuisine in mind but I’m guessing plenty of you landing on this blog post will be precisely that. It might set you back about £1311pp but think of the Tastes of Iceland tour as more of a foodie holiday in itself rather than a day trip or excursion. Spanning over 5 days (4 nights), the tour combines a comprehensive introduction to traditional Icelandic fare (lamb soup, fresh lobster etc) with scenic stop-offs and wraps up with a grand beer tasting experience at a local microbrewery.

Reykjavik Food Lovers Walking Tour – This one seems like the most intimate of the lot if smalls groups are more your bag. Highlights include the oldest restaurant in Reykjavik, a legendary hot dog stand, a popular food market and one of the most acclaimed eateries in Iceland. It’s a walking tour too so you’ll be able to burn off some of the 15 dishes on offer to leave room for dinner later on!

The best food tours in New York City:

You don’t need me to tell you that New York is one bloody big place. That means the selection of food tours and food-based activities on offer is pretty overwhelming so I’ve selfishly picked out just a couple that I’m considering while we’re there. We will be staying in the beautiful Greenwich Village and are planning a day in Brooklyn so these two seemed like the perfect fit.

The Original Greenwich Village Food & Culture Walking Tour – When I came across this one, the description of historic Mom & Pop specialty food shops in the old Italian neighborhood had me intrigued I’ve got to say. I’m yet to be any clearer on these mysterious ‘Mom & Pop shops’ but the promise of a food and cultural experience off the beaten track has me sold. I want to learn the secrets of the locals and the hidden gems so the West Village walking tour sounds right up my street (or block).

The Best of Brooklyn – Now this I really have got my sights firmly set on if I can coerce my other half into it. Conveniently setting off from Greenwich Village, The Best of Brooklyn sees you hop on board a Foods of NY bus for a half day of discovering what the rich Brooklyn food, drink and culture scene has to offer. There’s chance to sample six local dishes including Polish kielbasa and North Williamsburg street food to get a taste of the spectacular city’s diversity. We’ll probably part ways in Brooklyn and head back to Manhattan via the Brooklyn bridge because duh… who wouldn’t?!

If you’re a foodie like Yours Truly over here, a food tour is the perfect way to experience as much of the local cuisine as possible. No matter how hard you try to resist that cliche image of a tourist with their head buried in a map looking somewhat befuddled, you’re going to get lost – it’s a unwritten law. Enlisting the help of a professional tour guide who knows their stuff will save you heaps of time spent running round like a headless chicken and ensure you’re taking a bite out of all of the best stuff.

Plus, it’s always great to snap up any chance you get to shake up your eating habits and broaden your culinary horizons right? Just make sure you’ve got a comfortable den to crash into on your return (check out because you’re going to have one helluva food coma on your hands. If you’ve been on any of the tours I’ve got my eye on above, or if you have anymore that I’ve missed off the list please do give me a shout over on the old social media (@hihungryharriet) or leave me a comment below!

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