My bagel guillotine and other kitchen gadgets

After one of my first ever trips to New York, I returned home with one very specific burning desire. Nope, not to quit my job and travel the world; not even to make a scrapbook of the iconic sights I had seen while I was there. Nope. My main mission on landing back in Blighty was to source myself a replica of the bagel cutter that had quite literally rendered me speechless in awe at the very-American hotel breakfast buffet.

No longer did I have to hack away at my bagels with a blunt knife, creating an avalanche of crumbs across the kitchen counter as I went. Gone were the days of inevitably burning the thinner half of the damn bagel which try as I might, I could never cut equally. And so… my love for the bagel guillotine began, blossoming with each and every breakfast.


So bagel cutter aside (until this weekend), I’ve put together a short list of some of the most innovative kitchen gadgets around right now in case you fancy indulging in some completely unnecessary but really blimmin’ cool home accessories. If you’re just rustling up a quick home cooked treat, these bad boys might be a bit…y’know… extra, but if you’re in the market for something ultra modern to bring your cooking methods bang up to date, just keep on scrolling.

Self-stocking smart fridge

As you know, I’m a bit of a dork when it comes to supermarket shopping. I love it. I love wandering the aisles of Aldi after work seeing what hidden gems I can clutter the cupboards with next and spending a good half an hour mooching around M&S food hall when I’m feeling bad ‘n’ boujie. However if the supermarket sweep is your idea of fresh Hell, you might want to invest in a fridge which fills itself. Yep, this is the day and age we’re living in people.

Okay so it ain’t magic; it does require a little bit of work on your part but with companies like Amazon making it possible for us to ‘subscribe’ to our favourite products, the effort is minimal. Smart refrigerators fill up your fridge when they notice you’re running low on and some are even contain a camera so it can quite literally see when you need to stock up.

Steam oven

Steam ovens are the kitchen appliance of 2018 (or so my flicking through cookery magazines tells me). They’ve been around for a little while now but I’m told you really can’t beat ’em for cooking healthier and more nutritious meals in a fraction of the time at a fraction of the cost. Steam ovens solve the age old problem of your leftovers coming out with less taste than a worn out welcome mat and dehydrated after being reheated in the microwave.

Hallelujah for steam overs which lock in the flavour and nutrition all while keeping your electricity bills low. That’s not the best bit though… wait for it… steam ovens also use their own steam technology to clean themselves. Double Hallelujah. This new generation of ovens can even be controlled from your smartphone so you can preheat your appliance remotely. Sign me up.

The Bluetooth sous vide precision cooker

Sous vide cooking has become incredibly fashionable of late, enabling even the most casual of cooks to create restaurant quality food in their own humble abodes. I mean, you can’t get through an episode of MasterChef without something being sous vided to within an inch of it’s life. Sous vide is the practice of cooking whereby food is vacuum sealed in a plastic pouch then slow cooked in hot water or steam. Until recently, this method of cooking could only be done with restaurant quality equipment but now the good folks at Samsung have taken the guesswork out of this unique culinary phenomenon.

I live in a household that is the kind of ‘Alexa ready‘ home where gadgets are commonplace but it’s nice to know I’ll no longer have to consider taking out one of Evolution Money’s loans for home owners to really up the ante in the kitchen.

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