The new Almost Famous Liverpool menu verdict

Last night I parked up at the gym, engine still running, wondering how much my parents would still love me if I ended up in prison for killing somebody. Reason being: I could MURDER for a dirty burger right about now. Like, I would literally slay somebody if there was the promise of a juicy patty as a reward on the other side of it. Since the Almost Famous Liverpool new menu launch last week, I have been a woman possessed (in case you can’t already tell). All I can think about is oozing brioche buns, mountains of meaty fries and cheese over everything; my burger, my hands, my face – e’rythang.

Almost Famous Liverpool burgers new menu
Chicken N Coke burger / Pig & Waffle Fries

Alas, I dragged my ass into Satan’s lair and tried to treadmill myself back to sanity but all I see is fries, all I see is skin-on fries (read: to the tune of that BadGalRiRi banger). Now if you’re a Northern gal (or guy) like me, Almost Famous won’t need much (or anything) in the way of introduction because to tell you the truth, Gwen, it’s really fucking famous – 10 points if you got my Gavin & Stacey reference there. It’s one of the most bad ass burger joints in the North and somewhere I’ve been a regular at for many, many years. Just ask my waistline.

Last time I was there it was to sink my teeth into the Frickin’ Hell-Mann burger in collaboration with Hellmann’s but this time it was to take a brand spankin’ new menu for a spin. The recently launched repertoire features a scattering of fresh dishes which I’ll come to in two shakes of a margarita but the stars of the show are based around Liverpool’s love for a good old salt ‘n’ pepper scran. Behold… the This is Liverpool burger (£11) and the Boss Chips (£4.50) – the former a Jenga-style tower of double cheeseburger, salt ‘n’ pepper chicken, salt ‘n’ pepper chips, chip shop curry sauce, onions, peppers, chillies, lettuce and peppered mayo; the latter a combo of salt ‘n’ pepper chips, onions, peppers, chillies and chip shop curry sauce.

Yes, you read ALL of that right.

Almost Famous Liverpool burgers new menu
Bacon Bacon Fries / Awesome HQ Burger

If you’re now frantically scrolling through this post looking for some snaps of the salt ‘n’ pepper masterpieces or even just a measly written review, this might be where we part ways as these weren’t my pick of the evening. My good friend Jack over at The Scouse Diaries does have the photographic goods if you do want to see picture evidence of this salt ‘n’ pepper sorcery but before you do, stick around and let me tell you about what I did devour. It’s worth it, I promise.

As is customary whenever I visit my old beloved burger joint, myself and my partner in dine went for a burger each and a side of fries each. This is most definitely unapologetic gluttony and you could absolutely share a side between a couple of you but there’s way too much to tempt us with to think about sharing – urgh. I went for the Awesome HQ burger (£12) with some Bacon Bacon Fries (£4) and Abby chose to face plant the Chicken N Coke burger (£11) with a side of Pig & Waffle fries (£5.50). Both burgers are new kids on the block but the fries are a couple of old favourites that we’ve been ordering since Adam was a lad.

Almost Famous Liverpool cocktail menu
Cherry Bomb / Lock Stock

My Awesome HQ burger was an absolute delight and I don’t know how it didn’t fall apart when it fell down from heaven. More pricey than your standard burger maybe but it does come complete with double cheeseburger, buttermilk fried chicken, halloumi, slaw, peri peri BBQ sauce and bacon bacon mayo. Me being the greedy guts I was born to be and using food blogging as an excuse to stab my fork into other people’s food meant I can also vouch for how bloody delicious the new Chicken N Coke burger is too. It’s a stack of double cheeseburger, BBQ pulled pork, buttermilk fried chicken, cola BBQ, peppered mayo and bacon bacon mayo goodness that I can’t wait to fill my face with all over again.

As far as the fries are concerned, these could be considered a meal in themselves. Whether you’re frying solo (sorry) or teaming your chips up with a burger, the Bacon Bacon Fries and the Pig & Waffle Fries are an absolute must. The first is a mixture of skin-on and sweet potato fries, topped with bacon bacon mayo and bacon rain and the second is a hefty pile of waffle fries laden with pilled pork, jalapeno, onion, redneck BBQ sauce and blue cheese sauce. You just couldn’t dream this stuff up could you?

If burgers really ain’t your bag, the revised menu does still feature a couple of veggie options and ‘finger trippin’ chicken plates including True Love wings (Marmite butter and bacon bacon mayo dip) and the Alicia Silverstone burger (mushroom, halloumi, grilled pepper, salad, shoestring onions, veggie bacon ketchup and famous sauce). That’s if the DTF ‘extra thicc juicy patty’ doesn’t lure you away from your non-meat-eating ways first.

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