Boozy shakes & fish finger butties at Bill’s Liverpool

When Drake sings I only love my bed and my momma I’m sorry through the radio speakers at me, I’m just like yep, that guy just gets it. There aren’t many things in this world I love more than my bed and my mum but I’m definitely not sorry about it. She makes the perfect roast potatoes, drinks cocktails upon cocktails with me and offers me “chilled or room temperature” water whenever I go round to her house because to her, I’m a princess. One thing I will say about my marvelous mum though is: she is one fussy little flibbertigibbet when it comes to food.

For this reason, I hardly ever get to reap the rewards of my food blogging adventures with her but when the lovely Sonny from Bill’s Restaurant, Liverpool got in touch I knew it was my chance to jump. Having visited the restaurant before (albeit many moons ago), I was sure that there would be a whole host of things for my mum to enjoy on the all-catering menu so last Sunday we headed off on our merry way to our table for 2 @ 12.30.

Bill's Restaurant Liverpool ONE food menu review

Bill's Restaurant Liverpool ONE food menu review

Upon arriving at the Thomas Steers Way venue, the first thing that struck us was the jam-packed restaurant and the aroma of good, honest cooking that exploded into the street as we pushed our way through the front door. Both of those things are always a good sign; a place full of jubilant people all tucking into dishes that smelt like proper home cooking. With Bill’s being a European chain, you’d be forgiven for suspecting the microwave might get used more often than you’d care to know but the mouthwatering smells which fill the air here will surely stand you corrected.

After shuffling our way to our cosy corner of the room and settling comfortably into the electric Sunday afternoon vibe, we perused the menus over a hot drink. We were presented with both the Breakfast and All Day menus as breakfast is served here until 1pm which I thought was a nice touch – especially during the weekend. Following much deliberation, we decided that our carnivorous cravings were too strong to resist and decided to put the Breakfast menu aside and save Buttermilk Pancakes (£6.95-9.95) and Coconut Porridge (£4.50) for another day.

Bill's Restaurant Liverpool ONE food menu review

Bill's Restaurant Liverpool ONE food menu review

We were told there would be a 30 minute wait on food so I decided to appease my rumbling stomach with the Salted Caramel & Brownie Hard Shake (£7.50) which was an absolutely divine concoction of Amaretto, Baileys, chocolate brownie, salted caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream. If you’re somebody who fills up fast, I would recommend asking for two straws and sharing a shake but if you’re a greedy guts like me, you can’t miss out on this top drawer milkshake material.

From the All Day menu we went for the Stonebaked Garlic & Herb Flatbread (£4.95) with Gran Moravia cheese as a sharing starter then the Minute Steak (£9.95) and the Fish Finger Sandwich (£11.95) for mains. The garlic flatbread was light and delicious and the perfect morsel to munch on while we waited for the main event, without so much as a hint of excess oil in sight.

Bill's Restaurant Liverpool ONE food menu review

Bill's Restaurant Liverpool ONE food menu review

My fish finger sandwich, again, was refreshingly devoid of grease and comprised of generous chunks of fish and aromatic rocket between ketchup-spread toasted bloomer. The sandwich came served with a portion of perfectly seasoned fries which I contently dunked into a side order of chipotle mayonnaise. A real nostalgic nod to my childhood with all of the sophistication needed to elevate it to a thoroughly enjoyable lunch plate. My mum’s minute steak was equally delicious; perfectly tender and boasting a tasty slathering of garlic and black pepper – a dish I would happily order myself next time we visit.

Speaking of next time we visit… there is definitely a Baked Cookie Alaska with my name on it because between our milkshake guzzling, flatbread scoffing and chip dipping, all we had room for was half a slice of Victoria Sponge each. As sweet and moist as the cake was, the Bill’s Dessert menu definitely has plenty more to offer and I can’t wait to return with an empty stomach to sample the proof in the pudding!

I was very kindly invited to review this meal for two by the lovely Sonny at Bill’s Liverpool but all words, photographs, opinions, teeth, hair, boobs and nails are my very own.

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