A breakfast feast fit for a queen at The Hollies

Remember in my rather gushing review of The Hollies Luxury Lodges when I implied I’d have quite literally surrendered a lung in order to be able to stay there forever? Well that didn’t work out so well for me. Don’t worry, I’m not typing this from Lucifer’s lair – my respiratory system is still intact – I just didn’t get to become a full time resident at the beautiful Douglas Fir cabin. One thing that did sweeten the deal though when I was dragged kicking and screaming from the premises (not really) was breakfast at one of my favourite haunts: The Hollies restaurant.

The Hollies farm shop breakfast menu

The Hollies farm shop breakfast menu

By now you’ll have probably heard about my fabulous meal at 59 at The Hollies a hundred times because let me tell ya, that Chateaubriand is worth harping on about. You might even already be familiar with my penchant for lunch at The Hollies restaurant (and the best steak pie on the planet) but what hasn’t yet made an appearance on my blog is breakfast at The Hollies. Why, might you ask, have I never attended an early morning food date at this versatile little establishment and I would tell you that’s a very good question. One I’m extremely chuffed to have now rectified.

Now, I’m not one of those girls that can survive on green tea and fresh air until 1pm. This gal wakes up hungry – clue’s in the name – so when cabin checkout time rolled around, I was about ready to eat a scabby donkey. True to form, we scanned The Hollies breakfast menu at lightening speed and ordered enough food to feed a small army. The menu is a repertoire of pretty much any breakfast food you could possibly fancy with plenty of gluten free and vegetarian options too.

Whilst we waited on our edibles, we sat back and enjoyed the cosy, farmhouse-chic surroundings with a selection of beverages on hand. We went for some ice cold table water (y’gotta hydrate duh), some fresh orange (’cause vitamin C), a latte so fluffy you could nap on it and a bloody delicious breakfast smoothie (£6). I selected the smoothie from a list of about five and I hit the nail on the head first time. It was a hearty and healthy recipe of banana, honey, Greek yoghurt, Mornflake, muesli and a cheeky scoop of Cheshire Farm vanilla ice cream. A more indulgent take on my own breakfast smoothie recipe and the perfect way to kick start our busy day, I’d say.

The Hollies farm shop breakfast menu

The Hollies farm shop breakfast menu

On the food front, there were no calories spared. Sure, the Fresh Farm Shop Fruit Salad (£6) and the Go Green Smoothie Bowl (£6.50) sounded great but pigs will fly before I ever resist a full English breakfast. Perhaps I should have used a different turn of phrase there as the pigs were most definitely not flying – they were all on our plates (sorry veggies) but what a delicious Cheshire Breakfast (£10.50) they made. I customised my fancy fry up to get rid of the mushrooms, tomato and black pudding but thoroughly enjoyed the pork sausage, treacle cured bacon, baked beans, free range fried egg and buttery toast that was served up. A generous helping it was too.

True to form, my other half went for the Eggs Benedict (£9.50) off the Classics menu which actually came served on a bagel in the absence of the standard English muffins. From the speed at which the plate was cleared, I can vouch for the fact it was a more than satisfactory alternative. A case of eyes bigger than belly saw her order a Hot Buttered Toasted Teacake (£3) which I was more than willing to help her finish off when she started clutching her stomach and groaning in food coma pleasure. I know, what a chore.

Thanks again for having us at your stunning lodges, team Hollies – we’ll be back for a breakfast smoothie and some Eggs Benny again soon!

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