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Earlier today I was creating a bit of content for a project in work and long story short, I ended up writing about weird and wonderful home inventions that one might wish to make should they find themselves residing in a fantasy world. My suggestions included self-heating coasters that keep your hot drink hot (genius, I know) and voice activated bathroom taps that mean you can top up the tub without having to move a muscle (just pure lazy).

That led me to post a video of the Dreamfarm Scizza pizza scissors I bought for my mum for Christmas on Instagram, which in turn led me to this very blog post. I thought while I was having a bit of an invention-appreciation streak, I might show some love to a few kitchen hacks I’ve stumbled across in my time in a bid to make your culinary escapades a little more plain sailin’.


Run the Ripe Test more often

As you’ll know by now, I’m no advocate of the avocado. Try as I might, I just can’t get on board with its slimy constitution and earthy aftertaste. I do, however, understand how tricky it can be to pick a goodun because the Ripe Test doesn’t apply only to these ugly green beasts. Bad meats, fruits, and vegetables won’t suddenly transform into something amazing once they hit the frying pan. Nope, they have to be of the best quality before getting chopped up and thrown into the mix.

Get to know what certain ingredients should look, feel, smell and taste like when they’re in their prime and you’ll notice how the quality of your cooking skyrockets. 

Become better acquainted with cooking times

Some of the biggest struggles that I face in the kitchen – and I know I’m definitely not alone here – is under cooking or overcooking ingredients. Just a few seconds can be the making or breaking of a meal so one of the biggest kitchen hacks I’d suggest is to be a bit more meticulous with your timings.

Know when a steak is rare, well done or everything in between is one of the most notorious challenges in both domestic and professional kitchens. A couple of minutes more or less can be the difference between melt-in-your-mouth meat or something you could retreat your car tyres with.

This table below will help out with fruits and veggies because even herbivores are subject to the perils of kitchen timing:

Give your cooking space a makeover

Quite often if you’re feeling frustrated in the kitchen. it’s because you’ve outgrown your space, your cupboards are overcrowded, your utensils are past their best and you just having got space to think clearly. But before you get on the blower to the first leading removal company Google has to offer, just try rejigging your existing space in order to breathe a new lease of life into you, your kitchen and your culinary motivation.

Knowing your whites from your reds

One of the most essentials keys to success for any dinner party or romantic meal is knowing which wines will compliment your ingredients. Believe it or not, taste buds are pretty complex things and your palate is way more refined than you realise and will know when you should have chosen the Pinot over the Malbec. Here’s a handy little chart I came across which is a great place to start. Print it out and stick it on the back of your kitchen cupboard door. I won’t tell anyone, promise.

Eat local and independent 

If your own kitchen inspiration really is running that low, I recommend chucking your oven mitts back in the draw and heading out for a bite to eat. Sometimes it takes a break away from routine to refresh yourself and fall back in love with your own surroundings. If eating out is leaving you feeling a little uninspired too then you’re definitely booking tables in the wrong places. Try checking out some upcoming local brands, independent eateries or even a local food van for something new and exciting.

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