Sunday at George’s Great British Kitchen, Liverpool

Growing up, I was what my mum now fondly refers to as a fussy little f*cker when it came to my diet. I grew up on Wotsits and white chocolate mousse – much to my parent’s dismay – but thankfully, my tastebuds seemed to mature much more progressively than my brain ever did.

I might still hanker after a big ol’ bag of cheesy puffs as much as the next guy but I ain’t afraid to jump feet first into (some) edible trends and cultural delicacies no mo’. In fact, I recently added beef tartare to my repertoire at Albatross & Arnold and finally dared to conquer my fear of the texture of squid at Sunset by Australasia which wasn’t so bad after all! (Reviews of both coming soon)

Having said that, I am an English Rose through and through and I do love a good Westernised classic. I tend to find that the very best home comforts derive from the sanctuary of mum’s own kitchen but sometimes, you do find a hidden gem that steals your affection. Our recent lunch date at George’s Great British Kitchen in Liverpool proved this theory right…



George's British Kitchen restaurant Liverpool

You know when people in books and movies tell you that when you fall in love ‘you just know’… well I feel that way about restaurants and bars. Not that I don’t love my other half more than all the Salted Caramel Martinis under the sun but even she doesn’t give me the same kind of butterflies that walking into a bar or eatery I haven’t been before and knowing it’s going to be knockout does. Sorry, Bubs!

As you might have gathered, this happened for me at George’s. The restaurant sits on the corner of Paradise Street, just opposite Liverpool ONE and has fabulous interior décor and a truly lovely vibe to its immediate advantage. Smirk-worthy prints of photo-bombing seagulls and beach hut-style booths scream British seaside but a stylish colour scheme and unique configuration make sure the place stays modern.



I actually came across George’s a good few months ago now because well, to be honest, there’s no escaping it. This place hit the user-generated content jackpot by creating a cocktail that has developed quite the cult following in Liverpool and one which I see boasted on various Instagram feeds at least once a week.

The notorious cocktail in question is, of course, the Boozy Peach Floss (£7.95) which is a peach daiquiri served alongside a cloud of bubblegum-pink candyfloss. Seeing as the people of Liverpool have this one covered, we decided to go for something a little different from the George’s Great British Kitchen drinks menu

George's British Kitchen restaurant Liverpool

First up was the London Fog (£8.95) cocktail which was a DIY-style concoction of vodka smoked with apple wood chips, sweet Vermouth, Maraschino liquor and a smoking bottle of ‘London fog’. While it was perhaps a little too strong for my tame palate, it was certainly unique and a pretty impressive spectacle.

My partner in dine went for one of George’s Boozy Shakes (after reminiscing about the delicious drunken milkshake we had shared at Bill’s Liverpool ONE) and it definitely didn’t disappoint. It was the ‘Pavlova’ (£5.95), which comprised a sweet, fruity milkshake that tasted just like meringue with a generous splash of Amaretto for good measure. A simple but moreish combination and I can’t quite believe I’ve never thought of it before!



George's British Kitchen restaurant Liverpool

The fun didn’t stop at the beverage offering either… I would confidently hasten a guess that every morsel on the menu has been chosen to put a smile on the face of those browsing it. From Mushy Pea Fritters (£4.85) to George’s Full English Pie (£10.95), the edibles are all about celebrating great classics with a contemporary spin on each dish and I, for one, am championing it.

For mains, we went all Anglo-American and ordered the Chicken in a Basket (£13.25) and the Chicken & Waffles (£13.95). The first came served with a shovel of twice-cooked chips, sugar-grilled bacon and sweetcorn pancakes which were all pretty much perfect. The second came with two grilled waffles, smoked bacon and a portion of crunchy sweet potato fries which I happily dunked into a pot of spicy mayo until they were all polished off.

It may not have been chicken ‘n’ waffles at Empire Diner but it sure was a sterling alternative and the added touch of homemade flavoured vinegars didn’t go unnoticed either.

George's British Kitchen restaurant Liverpool

I’m not ashamed to say that we most definitely still had room for pudding. Okay, so there mightn’t have actually been that much physical room left in our stomachs at this point but there was no way I was leaving George’s without trying the Apple & Caramac Higgledy-Piggledy Crumble Pie (£5.95) so that’s precisely what I did.

Not only was the miniature pie absolutely adorable, it was delicious too. Crumbly pastry enclosed with a molten mess of caramel and baked apple which went down a treat with the scoop of luxurious vanilla ice cream on the side. My partner in dine went for a bowl of white chocolate ice cream which came laced with chunks of Milkybar and George’s signature puff of candyfloss. What a complete and utter dream – we cannot wait to go back.

I believe there are a few George’s Great British Kitchen restaurants in the UK – there’s Nottingham, Newcastle and Leeds as well as Liverpool so if you’re from the North or midland area of the country, you won’t be far from one. If you do go, make sure you show me what you get by tweeting me @hihungryharriet ’cause there’s still so much on the menu I want to sink my teeth into!

I was very kindly invited to review George’s Great British Kitchen but all words, photographs, opinions, teeth, hair, boobs and nails are my very own.

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