Space-saving techniques for teeny tiny kitchens

If like me you live in a flat, you’ll know all to well the perils of a pocket-sized kitchen. I’m not talking a penthouse apartment here either; I mean a two-bedroom flat with a kitchen that barely leaves enough room to flip a pancake, nevermind swing a cat.

Now don’t get me wrong, I bloody love my cosy little abode but sometimes, I really could do with a couple of extra inches (or metres) worth of kitchen worktop space and about 4 million more cupboard to pile stuff in.

For those of you out there who are feeling the same, I thought I’d put digits to keyboard and come with a few tips on how to create more space (or the illusion of) in your kitchen. In other rooms of the house it’s much easier – a collapsible desk, a sofa-bed or a mirrored wardrobe usually do the trick but when it comes to the kitchen, it’s not quite so simple.

So without further ado, here are my top tips on making your kitchen feel bigger:

1.Don’t use it as a dumping ground just to keep other rooms looking clean and tidy

2. Clear your fridge, freezer and cupboards out every couple of months to get rid of anything you don’t want or need

3. Wash, dry and put away pots and pans as soon as you’ve used them so they don’t pile up

4. Keep curtains or blinds lightweight so as to let more natural light in to create the illusion of more space

5. Dispose of any appliances you don’t really need like that heart-shaped waffle you paid over the odds for on Groupon

6. If you’ve got some spare cash, consider knocking a wall down to go open plan

7. Take advantage of more vertical storage solutions such as shelves and racks to avoid taking up too much floorspace

So just in case your budget doesn’t quite cover carports or raising the roof yet, I hope my collection of amateur advice was helpful!

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