Can caffeine actually be good for your health?

I never have and never will like coffee. I’m much more partial to a steaming hot chocolate with all the trimmings. I love the look of coffee, the smell of it and become especially frustrated with my stubborn tastebuds when winter rolls around and I can’t fully indulge in the festive drinks menus. The silver lining in all? It actually helps me keep my caffeine intake to a minimum… because that’s the secret to eternal youth and vitality… right?

For those of you who can’t get enough of the good grind and can’t go a day without a cup of five of the damn fine stuff, however, cutting down on caffeine can prove to be a bit tricky. There are decaf options, there are natural caffeine alternatives and there’s good old h2o but have you ever asked yourself the question – is cutting caffeine really that essential?

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Here are some surprising ways in which caffeine can actually benefit you:

Some say it makes you smarter

According research from, caffeine actually has the power to make us smarter (whether you choose to believe that or not). It can indirectly improve our concentration spans, and stimulate our brain into giving us a mental boost. While the long-term effects on our intelligence are still debatable, in the short-term at least, a cup of cwafee can actually make a difference to our cognitive performance. Who knew?

It can help take your workout to the next level

As discussed in this article from, caffeine can also provide a great way to fuel your workout. It can enhance your endurance, improve your mental focus, and increase your strength and also reduce your muscle pain after your workout has completed. Of course, as the article correctly suggests, there are downsides, so to avoid feeling nauseous and jittery during your workout, just don’t overdo it. 

Caffeine can reduce some health risks

While drinking too much caffeine can alleviate the risk of certain health problems, such as hypertension, heart attacks, and headaches, there is evidence to suggest that caffeine can also reduce the risk of certain conditions. Some experts suggest that four or five cups of coffee a day can reduce the risk of Parkinson’s disease.

Others say caffeine also lowers the risk of contracting type-2 diabetes and in the article at, drinking coffee also reportedly reduces the risk of developing certain kinds of cancer. Again, moderation is key, but when there are so many negative reports about caffeine, it is good to know that it can be good for our long-term health.

It can give your metabolism the boost it needs

I personally wouldn’t recommend using caffeine as a tool in your weight loss or health regime but this article from suggests caffeine is a good way of boosting metabolism and burning off fat. It also naturally gives you that extra injection of energy to run an extra lap, climb an extra flight of stairs or hit your 10,000 step target each day. 

So if you’re a coffee-lover (I’m told is a good one), sip away because it seems caffeine isn’t always the bad guy after all!

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