Losing my L-plate with the YO! Sushi Virgins menu

As you might recall from my 11 reasons why I’m a terrible food blogger post, I’m not a fan of sushi. In fact, to quote myself, I rather dramatically declared that I would rather eat wallpaper paste than sushi. I just can’t really get on board with raw fish and I’m pretty fussy about which savoury foods I can and can’t eat cold which – shock, horror – does not include cold pizza.

The extent of my sushi experience amounts to one time when a friend forced me to buy one of those little Meal Deal trays in Tesco (which ended up split between the bin and the cat) and some Gringo duck-based sushi at the Vincent Cafe in Liverpool which to be fair, I am really quite partial to. I dabbled in some sushi at Sunset by Australasia a few weeks ago too but even their stunning bento boxes couldn’t shake my stubborn dislike for sushi.

YO Sushi Cheshire Oaks menu

YO Sushi Cheshire Oaks menu

So, when I saw an email from YO! Sushi in my inbox offering me the chance to check out their limited Sushi Virgin Taster Menu, I saw it as the perfect opportunity to give it another go. According to the experts at YO!, a whopping 53% of the UK population are still sushi virgins so they have created an exclusive taster menu to help get more people on board the bandwagon.

Between the 12th to 26th of September, YO! Sushi have curated an exclusive 10-dish menu, from which each diner can choose one dish to try for £1. The selection includes everything from a classic Nigiri with fish to the Spicy Chicken Roll and a creamy Avocado Mako for those (like me) who want to ease in more gently.

My partner in dine went full throttle with a salmon-based YO! Roll (their take on a California roll), some fresh Albacore Tuna Sashimi, the Dynamite Roll with avocado and salmon, and a DIY Temaki with more smoked salmon, avocado and Sriracha. I did poke about with my chopsticks but – as much as it pains me to say it – sushi really just ain’t my cup of tea.

YO Sushi Cheshire Oaks menu

YO Sushi Cheshire Oaks menu

I had grand plans to jump into the deep end but actually ended up playing it safe for my first round with a Spicy Chicken Roll and come sticky Beef Terriyaki which were both delicious and already firm favourites in my YO! portfolio. We shared a classic Chicken Katsu Curry because it’s quite literally irresistible but as I’m trying to explore more vegetarian and vegan options from time to time, I also decided to sample the Pumpkin Katsu which was an absolute DELIGHT.

Speaking of pure delight… we also decided to indulge in a little something from the YO! Sushi dessert menu before we departed and settled on the Malted Chocolate Pot and some Custard Doryaki. You don’t need me to tell you that sushi is the star of the show at YO! Sushi but it’s nice to see that desserts are definitely not considered an after thought. If you fancy something a little more authentic, I recommend the Chocolate Moci balls to satisfy a sweet tooth in style.

Don’t forget – if you want to check out the Sushi Virgin Taster menu for yourself, you can do until Wednesday 26th September!

I was very kindly invited to review the YO! Sushi Virgin Taster Menu but all words, photographs, opinions, teeth, hair, boobs and nails are my very own.

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