5 ways to declutter your kitchen for the perfect food prep space

Creating the perfect food prep space is a must if you’re a homemade food junkie who likes to find sanctuary and relaxation in their kitchen. Cooking meals from scratch can be truly cathartic and really quite satisfying, but it can also be an absolute nightmare if your kitchen is full of clutter.

Below we have 5 ways you can get your kitchen in order to create the perfect food prep space:

1. Get rid of multiples – this ain’t Noah’s Ark 

Go through everything in your kitchen, and get rid of the things you have two, three or even four of. Do you really need two spatulas? Didn’t think so.

Same goes with your pots and pans; smaller pans can’t do things that slightly larger pans can do, so you really don’t need five pans of similar sizes! Having one smaller and one a fair bit larger is enough to see you through.

2. Satisfy your kitchen storage needs

Having the right kind of storage in your kitchen will mean you can easily grab what you’re looking for.  Look for pull out storage solutions, and consider putting up shelves. If you can’t bear to get rid of some of your items (for fear you might need them one day or move into a bigger home) places like Magentastorage.co.uk can keep them for you until you decide what you’re going to do with them.

3. Ask yourself helpful questions to minimise hoarding 

When you’re rummaging through your kitchen, ask yourself questions a few simple questions to help you decide whether you really want to keep something or not:

When was the last time I used this item… honestly?
Would I buy this item today?
Does this item make my life easier?

4. Give your junk drawer a good seeing to

Everybody has a junk drawer – there’s no point denying it, buddy – just make sure that the items in your junk drawer are items that you will actually use.  A packet full of screws that have been there for 5 years? Pieces of paper and receipts that have been there for who knows how long? Get rid!

5. Don’t ignore those use-by dates

Do you ever check and rotate your food? This is a great way to include both fresh food and non-perishables so you don’t end up hoarding (or eating) things that went out of date months ago – oh and avoiding potentially fatal food poisoning too, duh.

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