My top tips on entertaining in style this festive season

November is here! This is not a drill. I repeat: this is not a drill!

November is finally here and that, my friends, means that the festive season has been brought to a boil and is now bubbling away just ready to explode at any given moment. I, for one, cannot wait to crack open the Bailey’s and ensure there’s a constant supply of biscuits in the cupboard at all times but I guess that comes from my love of entertaining.

I don’t mean entertaining as in stand-up comedy or magic tricks – I wasn’t gifted with the kind of charm and charisma an extrovert needs to command a room. I was, however, blessed with an innate ability to throw a damn good dinner party or ‘night in’ with chums.

So, with the winter festivities all but a few weeks away, I thought I’d impart a few quick tips on how to entertain in style this Christmas and New Year.

Give your snacks a seasonal slant

As the name of my blog suggests, I’m very much a firm believer that food is the way to the heart and soul. This means that when I’m having people round, I like to really think about the edibles I’m serving to make sure it puts a smile on their face.

Check out my edible Christmas present ideas for some inspiration on seasonal snacks that are a refreshing diversion from your typical bowl of nuts or tube of Pringles.


Remember, mocktails matter too

There’s nothing I love more than stocking up my makeshift home bar with a fancy new gin or some new miniatures for my growing collection. However, I’m not actually much of a big drinker so I appreciate the importance of providing delicious soft drinks too.

Don’t forget your designated drivers and non-drinkers, people!

Take measures to make sure your guests feel at home

As well as making sure my guests are well fed and watered, I also like to take any measures I can to make them feel like my humble abode is just another home from home.

Spend an evening at casa de Hungry Harriet and you’ll notice an abundance of blankets, cushions, cosy candles and ambient lighting which are strategically placed to make my guests feel like part of the furniture.

Next on the list is a new sofa bed because who knows when nibbles and drinks might turn into a Prosecco-fuelled sleepover!

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