Need a healthy grab ‘n’ go refuel? Eat with Farah!

I obviously love it when big-wig brands slide into my email inbox wanting to work with me to promote their latest this or that. In fact, when the foodie mecca that is M&S wanted to join forces with little old Hungry Harriet to celebrate their summer BBQ range, I can’t deny I was unapologetically excited.

However, what is equally – if not even more – fantastic is when start-up businesses or teeny tiny micro brands who are just getting their first tastes of success get in touch to tell me all about it. Whether it’s my local Liverpool independent bars and restaurants or aspiring food-trepreneurs further afield, I’m always ready to fly the flag for the good ones.

I’ve been lucky enough to help shout about some fabulous budding brands like B-Tempted and their delicious gluten free friand along the way (pictured above) and am now pleased to be adding Eat with Farah to my metaphorical Christmas card list.

Image source: The Bolton News

Let me tell you a bit about the business, what they do and why they do it before we get down to the good stuff…

Eat with Farah is the brainchild of Farah (funnily enough) who wants to provide the ‘food 2 go’ market with something she feels it is currently lacking: tasty food which is also health-conscious and nutrition-dense. I imagine working full-time in the NHS alongside her edible venture must inspire this mantra to no end.

Farah also identified something which strikes a cord with me and that’s how the current grab ‘n’ go market neglects a significant slice of the free-from demographic. Sure, supermarkets and quick eat-style vendors are doing way better at catering for the vegan, vegetarian, coeliac, gluten free and nut allergic amongst us but the options are still often predictable and boring.

Taking matters into her own hands, packing a suitcase and travelling the world to discover new flavours and ingredients, Farah returned with a head full of her own artisan recipes. She wanted to tantalise tastebuds with flavours that couldn’t readily be found on the UK market and has since been feeding hungry stomachs around Manchester city centre and catering parties and events.

So, how did I find eating with Farah?

Farah very kindly agreed to feed myself and 7 hungry colleagues so like Snow White, I gathered my gang of merry peers and we took our pick from the modest but mighty Workplace Menu. The list is made up of an ecclectic mix of wraps, salads and bagels which range from an affordable £3.50 to £4.40. I wanted to do a working lunch like this to get a small taste of Eat with Farah’s catering offering as well as the ‘food 2 go’ style lunches.

Between us we went for the Jamaican Jerk Chicken Wrap, Falafel Grilled Halloumi & Aioli Wrap and the Lebanese Style Lamb Wrap, all of which came beautifully packaged in good quality, branded paper. We were all impressed at the portion sizes when compared with the price point but were definitely surprised to find that the wraps came delivered cold (albeit very promptly).

Most of us just removed the foil and chucked our wraps in the microwave to heat them up for a couple of minutes but they were all delicious hot or cold. They had that wholesome, hearty feel of a homemade lunch but the sophisticated combination of an artisan recipe so they made for the perfect way to satiate a rumbling stomach while still packing in those all-important nutrients. The ingredients were fresh, colours were vibrant and there was a whole lot of lip smacking going on around the table so I guess you could say it’s a massive thumbs up from us.

Word to the wise… if you’re hungry, order two!

I was very kindly invited to review Eat with Farah but all words, photographs, opinions, teeth, hair, boobs and nails are my very own.

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