Breakfast & banana fritters at Yee Rah, Liverpool ONE

My name’s Stephanie (not Harriet, contrary to popular belief) and I am one of those annoying morning people. I like getting out of bed before 8am at the weekend and making plans with people pre-12pm. Why on God’s green earth (?!) you might ask and here are my reasons:

  1. I revel in that little bit of peace and quiet before the rest of the world starts to rumble
  2. I get to witness some seriously badass sunrises out of our living room window
  3. In a battle between sleep and breakfast food, breakfast will always reign supreme

In this blog post, I’m gone to hone in on point c) and take this as my opportunity to tell you about the brand new breakfast menu at Yee Rah in Liverpool ONE



Traditional Thai stone statue in front of a brown door with glass panels at Yee Rah restaurant in Liverpool ONE

Traditional Thai stone statue in front of a brown door with glass panels at Yee Rah restaurant in Liverpool ONE

Yee Rah is one of the many restaurants in Liverpool ONE‘s playground of edible potential and one which promises to take diners on an ‘authentic Thai journey’. It’s a sizeable establishment – all two floors of it – and claims a warm mustard yellow as it’s overriding brand hue and decor palette. This is complimented by traditional ornaments and statues, including an iron elephant which stands on the stair platform, overlooking the downstairs open kitchen and bar area.

While the restaurant is set out as you might expect and unique in its aesthetic along the strip of big-name restaurants including the likes of Wagamama and Las Iguanas, it’s a smidge rough around the edges. Nothing too off-putting at all… I just imagine various elements of the interior might benefit from a bit of a refurb in the not-too-distant future.

Presentation was on-point when it came to breakfast though…



vegetarian breakfast at Yee Rah restaurant in Liverpool ONE

I might have eaten french toast with strawberry-flavoured vegan cashew cream cheese in NYC and Nutella muffins with chocolate milk for breakfast in Reykjavik but honestly, you just can’t beat a Full English. Yee Rah, it transpires, do a mean fry up for a restaurant which bases its menus around contemporary Asian dishes.

My partner in dine went for the Yee Rah Breakfast (£8.50) which was basically everything you would expect from a Full English – eggs, bacon, sausage, hash brown, baked beans, toast… you know the drill. I went for the Yee Rah Vegetarian Breakfast (£7.50) which was basically everything but the meat, plus some grilled halloumi cheese (pictured above).

We actually made a few changes here and there to our orders (yes, we are those picky guests) and were pleased to see our plates exactly how we had requested them. No tomato on my veggie breakfast and “VERY crispy bacon” on t’other.

Despite being served a pretty generous portion size, we were at the complete mercy of the prospect of some banana fritters after being offered the dessert menu so…

Banana Fritter from the Yee Rah Liverpool Asian dessert menu

Banana Fritters with toasted sesame seeds and golden syrup (£5.50) it was! They actually turned out to be the the best ‘nana fritters either of us have ever had – along with one of the best hot chocolates in Liverpool so if you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’ll be onto a winner.

So, all in all, although the venue itself is a far cry from The Savoy, I think Yee Rah certainly deserves a spot somewhere in the best breakfasts in Liverpool ranks. Between plate presentation, quality of food and attention to detail when it came to our specific requests, we were definitely impressed.

I just hope next time we pay Yee Rah a visit, they have some non-dairy milk alternatives on offer so I can enjoy my cuppa just how I like it. Hint, hint…

I was very kindly invited to review breakfast at Yee Rah but all words, photographs, opinions, teeth, hair, boobs and nails are my very own.

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