What’s on the menu at the Titanic Hotel restaurant this Spring?

Remember when you were a kid and all your lovely little pearly whites would start dropping out one by one until you looked like a rabid puppy in dungarees and the only thing that made it better was the shiny quid under your pillow from the tooth fairy?

Well that’s kind of how I feel about the Titanic Hotel in Liverpool’s Stanley Dock.

Stick with it…

Where Jack Dawson’s translucent body sinking into the ocean like a saturated Digestive into a cup of tea is your gummy, toothless grimace… the Titanic Hotel is the twinkling tooth fairy come to transform your perception of the whole damn thing.

Titanic Hotel Stanley Dock Liverpool city centre

Many, many an hour have I spent sobbing my guts out to the soundtrack of Celine Dion’s dulcet tones as a blue-lipped Kate Winslet begs her frozen lover to come back, Jack, come back.

Up until quite recently, I only had to hear the three syllables ‘Ti’, ‘ta’ and ‘nic’ in sequence and a lump would rise up into my gullet but then in swoops the Titanic Hotel to put a great big smile on my face instead.

I’ve been there a fair few times since it opened in 2014 for various reasons but last week, it was to review the brand-new Spring 2019 menu which I am chuffed to be telling you all about in this here restaurant review.



All distasteful joking aside (sorry), the Titanic Hotel is an incredible celebration of one of Liverpool’s most illustrious pieces of maritime history.

It’s a magical, multi-million-pound, multifaceted beast which is comprised of a 153-bedroom 4-star hotel, Rum Warehouse exhibition space, luxurious ESPA spa and acclaimed Stanley’s Bar & Grill.

Titanic Hotel Stanley Dock Liverpool city centre hotel rooms

It is the pure epitome of industrial chic, combining rough ‘n’ ready elements from the city’s past in importing and exporting with contemporary, sophisticated design.

Being a ten-minute taxi ride from the city centre means it’s peaceful and secluded – the ideal hideaway for anybody who finds sanctuary in cosy bars, luxury spa treatments and really, really great food.



Here’s the thing about Spring/Summer menus: I’m just not usually a huge fan of the seasonal produce. Warmer months usually mean lots of seafood, salads and summer greens like the dreaded garden pea.

I much prefer winter root vegetables and hearty pots that have been roasted in the oven for hours on end so I sometimes find myself struggling to pick from a Spring/Summer food menu. Not at Stanley’s Bar & Grill though.

Titanic Hotel Liverpool food menu

Titanic Hotel Liverpool food menu

While there are plenty of fresh ingredients and seafood options ready for scoffing, there is also plenty for those like me who would happily live, eat and dress in a constant state of perpetual Autumn/Winter.

Titanic Hotel, Liverpool food menu review

From the expertly curated menu, I went for the Baked Goats Cheese Crottin (£7.95) and the Braised Beef & Tomato Ragout (£19.95). My partner in dine chose the Titanic Hummus with Charred Flatbread (£3.95) and a medium-cooked 8oz Fillet Steak (£32.50) with a ‘Grill Topper’ side of Crispy Baby Squid (£3.50).

The generous chunks of shredded meat in my pasta were incredibly tender and the dish as a whole packed a real punch of flavour considering there wasn’t really any sauce to speak of. Absolutely delicious – almost made me forget I was on the docks of the Mersey and not the azure Italian coast. My goats cheese starter was equally indulgent – a lot like a savoury cheesecake – and definitely just as hearty too.

Titanic Hotel Liverpool food menu

Titanic Hotel Liverpool food menu

I gathered that the groans of delirium from across the table meant that my other half enjoyed her fillet too. She took great pains to tell me more than once (more like thrice) how juicy the fillet was and cooked to complete ‘medium’ perfection. I left her in her carnivorous rapture but did, of course, have to validate claims that the bowl of big chunky chips on the side were delicious and indeed they were.

So, yeah, great stuff happening at Stanley’s Bar & Grill this season – I highly recommend a trip there to catch the Spring edibles!

I was very kindly invited to review Stanley’s Bar & Grill at the Titanic Hotel but all words, photographs, opinions, teeth, hair, boobs and nails are my very own.

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