A quick one about brunch at The Con Club, Altrincham

Right, when I say this is going to be a quick one, I truly mean it. Promise.

You know I have a tendency to waffle on – like one of those movie scenes where somebody is chatting full throttle and the screen fades to black only to return to the action and their jaw is still going for it. Well that’s me but with words, on the internet. I think my recent review of Dishoom Manchester broke a new personal record actually if you dare to read it.

So, today, let’s get straight down to business – the business of the breakfast/brunch menu at…

The Con Club, Altrincham



Walk down Greenwood Street and you won’t be able to miss this place; it’s right opposite the famous Altrincham Market – ‘Alty Market’ to locals I believe. It’s everything you might expect from an affluent Cheshire town which strikes an impressive balance between chichi and cool.

(Yeah, I know chichi is a toe-curling turn of phrase but I was struggling for a word which meant swanky but didn’t make it sound like The Ritz or somewhere you need to polish your shoes for. That’s just what the online thesaurus threw at me so we’re going with it)

The Con Club is a renovation of the old Working Men’s Conservative Club and was saved from dereliction in being transformed into a laidback bar and restaurant. The interior is urban and modern but still subtly rustic. The atmosphere is calm, chilled and perfect for a lazy Sunday morning brunch date with your best mate which is precisely what I was doing there.



Brunch was lovely. My Smoked Salmon & Scrambled Eggs (£9) were plentiful and came served with a silky and delicious chive creme fraiche. My partner in dine went for The Con Club’s take on a Full English (£11). She also agreed that everything was tasty, well cooked and more than ample in portion size (as you can see).

It wasn’t the best brunch I’ve ever had in my whole life but then, I have had Red Velvet Waffles at Beauty & Essex in New York City so that’s a pretty high bar to try and hit I suppose. That said, I have no faults to pick and would definitely pop in again for breakfast if I was about town.

I am, however, super keen to get back to The Con Club and eat from their A La Carte and Sunday Lunch menus because, wow, is that a drool-worthy repertoire of temptation. So, watch this space for that one because I can hear that chicken roast, those manchego croquettes and that rhubarb buttermilk panna cotta calling my name.



I’m also eager to make a return visit as I did spy a Toblerone cocktail and a Chocolate Ruby Wine on the drinks list and y’all know how much I love my dessert cocktails.

My first trip here was post-bridesmaid dress fitting so me and my waistline weren’t exactly the best of friends so this time round, I went for something off the Juices menu.  I chose the Very Berry (£4.95) – a tangy muddle of fresh berries and apple which was refreshing and delicious.

I was tormented by the Naughty Nutter banana, chocolate and peanut butter smoothie (£4.95) but I guess that’s just a big ol’ glass o’ calorific goodness that I’ll have to surrender to next time!

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