A review of the marvellous Marvie Hotel in Split, Croatia

If you’ve landed on this blog post looking for a quick yes or no answer as to whether you should stay at the Marvie Hotel in Split (Croatia) then here’s my verdict: ABSOLUTELY.

Feel free to just hop off this page right now and go press enter on that tab you’ve got open because I can guarantee you won’t regret it. However, if like me, you want a complete dissection of the pros and cons of the place first, keep scrolling for a full review and image gallery from my recent stay there.

Marvie Hotel: Peričićeva ul. 1, 21000, Split, Croatia

I’ll keep the cons bit short and sweet – because that’s all it needs to be – in saying that the complimentary WiFi advertised is definitely not to be relied on. We were never actually able to connect to it but hey, if a trip to the Dalmatian coast isn’t a good enough excuse to abandon your digital devices for a while then I don’t know what is.

So, moving swiftly on to all of the things we utterly adored about this health and wellness hotel just outside of Split city centre…

It’s located in a residential area, just a stone’s throw from the harbour and is renowned for its sleek, chilled out, contemporary vibe. Sea-facing balcony rooms look out over the landscape, while the angular architecture of the building keeps you concealed in the private sanctuary of your own space at all times.

It’s cool and cosmopolitan but still calm, well-considered and just the right amount of luxe without being too lavish. It has everything you want but offers it with modest hospitality, no pretentiousness whatsoever.

Marvie Hotel Split Croatia restaurant menu

Da’Mar Restaurant at the Marvie Hotel

I’m Hungry by name and hungry by nature so it’s only natural that I give a deafening shout out to the fabulous Da’Mar Restaurant which resides inside the hotel. Popular among visitors and locals alike so I’m told.

The theme of health and wellness runs through the food and drink offering here too which is great if you’re not vibin’ with burgers and chips at the beach bar every day. It merges Mediterranean tradition with contemporary cuisine making for more than just your average hotel restaurant, with plenty of gluten free options to boot.

We rocked up to check-in at 9pm, super hungry, chuffed to discover that they serve dinner until 10pm. The chocolate rice cakes we had nibbled on on the plane had long digested and we were about ready to eat a scabby dog.

We both had the Homemade Gnocchi with Salmon (90 Kuna/£12) which looked beautiful in the bowl and was an absolute delight to eat. Soft, sweet, doughy gnocchi generously coated in a rich garlic cream sauce, tossed with chunks of pink salmon and delicately garnished with fresh dill.

Marvie Hotel Split Croatia breakfast menu

I mean, I knew the meat and fish on the Croatian coast was going to be spectacular but I wasn’t quite prepared for how strong it’s gnocchi game would be. Plenty more on that in blog posts to come!

Breakfast was ace too – ours came included in the price of our room. It’s your classic hotel breakfast buffet-style situation but with a particular emphasis on wellbeing, nutrition and rejuvenation for mind, body and soul.

Fear not – there are steaming dishes of French toast, pancakes, eggs, bacon and pastries on offer every morning but there’s also a whole rainbow of fresh fruit, dairy-free milks and even a bright green detox juice laid out too.

Balance all that healthy out with a bloody beautiful Marvie Tonic (about £7) on the rooftop cocktail bar next to the open-air infinity pool later on in the day.

In fact, make it 3 or 4 Marvie Tonics because this particular delight comes off the dedicated ‘Lighter Cocktails’ menu for those worried they might bust out their bikini at any given moment like yours truly.



Recover, reshape, recharge… 

…that’s the mantra at the Marvie and it certainly lives up to it’s claims.

Despite there being live music on the rooftop bar every night until 10pm, there was never so much as another sound in our room than the Adriatic lapping at the harbour.

Each morning I rolled out of the (insanely comfortable) super kingsize bed onto the private balcony and read my book in peace for half an hour before we went downstairs to the modest but perfectly decent gym. We’d then headed for a delicious breakfast in Da’Mar, embarked on our adventure for the day and then returned to the hotel late afternoon for a few lazy lengths of the indoor pool to cool off.

Dreamy, dreamy, dreamy.

I mean, what more could you really ask for? The spa and wellness facility has everything from a sauna, steam room and massage hideaways, to derma and dental procedures should that take your fancy.

The Marvie Hotel really is something to treat yourself to and what an absolute treat it was. The walk into Split Old Town is about 20 minutes and fairly strenuous in scorching climes but if one day you’re not feeling up to the task, there are plenty of incredible restaurants, a public pool, tennis courts and nearby beach to keep you occupied.

Restaurant recommendations coming your way very soon!

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