Split Best Bites: Biberon sushi restaurant

Over the past year or so, I’ve referenced the fact that I don’t like sushi more times than can probably be deemed bearable. Ironically, it still remains to be one of the most touched-upon topics on my blog.

We’ve got the time I went to YO! Sushi in Cheshire Oaks… the time I made my own homemade sushi with microwaveable sushi rice… I really do have a nerve.

Lo and behold, here I am, once again, about to chew your virtual ear off about yet another sushi restaurant…



Biberon is the best sushi restaurant in Split Croatia 1

Biberon – the best sushi restaurant in Split (Croatia)?

Remember the edible itinerary I spoke of in my recent review of BEPA in Split? Well, this particular sushi establishment was an altruistic addition to that list during a recent vacay to more tropical climes. My other half loves the stuff and I’d heard great things about Biberon.

Rather coincidentally, it was about a 3 minute stroll from the front door of our hotel which means this specific branch of Biberon is about a half hour hot-foot from Split city centre.

It might be a little bit off the beaten track – granted – but I think that only enhances it’s chilled out, seafront vibe. Or perhaps it was the epic chilled house soundtrack they had playing in the background that we swiftly rooted out on Spotify courtesy of good old Shazam.

Either way, Biberon has all the cool points of a cosmopolitan sushi house in Brooklyn or Manhattan but with the benefit of being a stone’s throw from the peace and tranquility of the paradisaical Adriatic coast.



Asian food menu at Biberon sushi restaurant and bar in Split Croatia 2

Asian food menu at Biberon sushi restaurant and bar in Split Croatia 3

I can confirm that the great things I had heard on the Grapevine (or Google) were spot on – the food menu at Biberon was every bit as beautiful, refined and delicious as cyberworld had suggested.

Naturally, I steered clear of the sushi but my other half can vouch for the fact that it was FAB. Some of the best she has ever had in her life, or so I’m told.

There are various numbers of pieces you can get, various sharing platters and various different types of sushi but she kept it classic with the rolls you can see above. They took a wee while to get to the table but hey, when they rock up looking like that, there’s no room for grumbling really is there?

I made a rather rookie mistake in not noting down the names or prices on the menu (sorry) but there is plenty to see and drool over on the Biberon Instagram page to give you a better idea.

Asian food menu at Biberon sushi restaurant and bar in Split Croatia

For those of you who aren’t mad about sushi either, or are worried about taking somebody along who can’t wrap their head round raw fish enrobed in seaweed – honestly, don’t sweat. Sushi is quite evidently the main focus of the menu but there are plenty of other things to get stuck into.

I went for the beef, noodles and wok-fried vegetable dish sprinkled with crunchy peanuts and it was, dare I say it… perfect. Tasty sauce, tender meat, crunchy fresh veggies and a good ratio of noodles – a deceptively generous portion in a beautiful big bowl.

I’m a complete sucker for a gyoza so – not knowing that there would be enough of my noodle dish to feed a small army – I also ordered some of the vegetable gyozas and they were also pretty spectacular. So crunchy the casing was covered in air bubbles with a tasty, steaming hot filling of pureed veggies with just a bit of bite. Delicious.

As I said, I greedily forgot to make note of names and prices while I was there – a 2.5 hour hike up Marjan Hill works up quite the insatiable appetite I’ll have you know. However, I do remember that the bill came to somewhere around the £60/70 mark, which for all we had (plus a glass of wine and a sake), was really rather reasonable.

A great one for day and night – don’t leave it off your edible schedule!


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