5 weird and wonderful ways to use salt & pepper seasoning


5 unusual ways to use your salt & pepper seasoning

Salt & pepper seasoning is no great secret and I’m certainly no stranger to a tray of salt ‘n’ pepper chips when we order a takeaway. When it comes to incorporating this beloved ingredient into our own kitchens though, I think it’s time to spice things up a bit. We’ve seen recipes for salt & pepper chips, ribs and chicken a million times before – and don’t get me wrong, they’re damn delicious – but let’s think outside the tub for a second here…

1. Salt & pepper eggy crumpets 

You remember my French toast crumpet recipe, right? Splattered with fruit and smothered with golden syrup – the perfect fix for a sweet tooth. Well why not mix some salt & pepper seasoning into your egg mixture when you fancy something savoury next and swap the sweet toppings for some sliced chillis, peppers and spring onions?

2. Salt & pepper sausage roll

There’s a bakery in Liverpool (Aigburth, to be more specific) called The Bread Shop Bakery and they are famed for their salt & pepper sausage roll. Naturally, nobody knows the secret recipe but it’s certainly a heavenly combo that I wouldn’t mind giving a go in my own kitchen too.

3. Salt & pepper Sunday roast potatoes 

Add a little spice and zigga zig aaaaah to your next Sunday roast situation but sprinkling a pinch of salt & pepper seasoning over your roast spuds as they crisp in the oven. My stomach just audibly growled at the prospect.

4. Salt & pepper paneer

I recently made a paneer curry with come crispy paneer on the top and I haven’t stopped dreaming about fried paneer since. I tossed it in a bit of olive oil, some garam masala and some paprika for that particular recipe but next time, I’m going to swap the spices out for some salt & pepper seasoning because well, why TF have I never done that before?!

5. Salt & pepper soup

There’s nothing more satisfying than chucking all those ‘fridge bits’ that need using up into a bangin’ soup is there? I recently made a ‘use-up’ sweet potato and coconut soup with some leftover rendang curry paste and crispy kale and it was a taste sensation. I’m thinking next time… sweet potato and red pepper soup topped with sliced chillis, chopped spring onion and salt & pepper croutons for that salt ‘n’ pepper chip satisfaction in slurp form.

Post written in collaboration with KMC Seasoning 

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