3 jolly good reasons to go organic

The word organic is something we see emblazoned on so many items of food and drink (and beyond) these days but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s always the healthier option. I mean, you could order a chicken noodle soup made with organic chicken but if the rest of the ingredients are processed and packed with salt then you might as well have had 20 McNuggets and a large fries for your lunch.

So, is organic really the way to go? I’ve been doing a bit of research…

Chicken, creamed leeks and fried gnocchi recipe inspired by the Gusto food menu

Healthier fats

One study I came across suggests that chicken that is organic has 38% more omega-3 fatty acids. Now, I do like to cut back on eating meat as and when I can but authentic animals fats are a great source of nutrition for those who, like myself, ride the ‘flexitarian’ bandwagon. Swapping salty, processed meats like sausages and bacon for organic meat, such as chicken is a much healthier way to fuel your bones, muscles and brains with the nourishment they need to function correctly.

Check out my pan-roasted chicken with creamed leeks and crispy gnocchi recipe to try out with your organic goods.

Supporting better brands 

For all you coffee-lovers out there, consider the switch to organic coffee. Unlike your standard granulated brands, organic coffee isn’t tainted with chemicals and preservatives that make it such a questionable health choice. Organic coffee is also much smoother and strips away either that artificial sweetener aftertaste or the bitter, burnt notes which leave you with bad breath and a terrible taste in your mouth – and also won’t overload on caffeine.

If you get stuck on your quest for the organic good stuff, consider something like this coffee subscription which provides single-origin coffee is taken from a certified farm and not just a mish-mash of several brands. Doing something like this and ‘going organic’ will also enable you to support local, independent and more sustainable brands.

Higher quality vitamins & minerals

Back to the topic of fatty acids… organic fish has been found to be one of the most superior types of protein source in the entire world. Nothing else comes close to lean protein than fish, so it seems. Top of the list is salmon because it is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, super high in protein and packed full of vitamins and minerals. Organic salmon with scrambled egg and spinach on a bagel is a God Tier breakfast and with some fruit on the side, is the perfectly balanced meal.

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