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Spot the cheeky little labradoodle on the sausage graft…

Move over brunch, I’m talking about brinner!

Sunny Sundays make me want to get up early, chuck my walking gear on, get the blood pumping and then eat something fresh, light and healthy for dinner. Sundays when it’s decidedly chilly outside and the couch is calling are made for comfort food straight from momma’s kitchen. This weekend just gone was the latter and when the lovely lot at Jack’s Supermarket invited me to go shopping in one of their stores and rustle something up delicious, I knew exactly what was going to be on the menu: brinner.

It’s not breakfast, it’s not brunch, it’s brinner – a glorious example of edible anarchy, whereby you tear up the rule book and have breakfast for dinner. I enlisted the company of my aforementioned momma and set off to our nearest Jack’s store in search of the key elements of any great full English fry up, or at least in our houses anyway.

Sausages: check. Smoked bacon: check. Spaghetti hoops (because we’ve got a baked bean hater in our midst here): check. Buttery toast: check. Hash brown: check. Bananas ready for frying: check. Yes, you read that correctly… bananas fried in butter and a dollop of syrup are the golden ingredient to your brinner plates that you didn’t even realise you were missing out on until now. Do not knock it until you’ve tried it, let me tell ya that for nothing!

Jack’s Supermarket (which is part of the Tesco family) prides itself on being a discount go-to for all the family offering outstanding value to its customers. It’s actually named after Jack Cohen who founded Tesco nearly a whole century ago, and celebrates British flavours, whilst supporting hundreds of regional farmers, growers and producers.

Room for a warm muffin? Absolutely! 

No respectable comfort meal is complete without dessert and after catching up with the new series of the Great British Bake Off, I fancied whipping up a batch of muffins. Blueberry, banana & cinnamon and my personal favourites, raspberry & white chocolate. Naturally, Jack’s was there to save the day as my baking supplies were running dangerously low so I stocked up whilst I was there and these hot, steaming beauties went down an absolute treat with a brew and my book. A Sunday well spent I’d say, in more ways than one thanks to Jack’s Supermarket.

This post was sponsored by Jack’s Supermarket but all words, photographs, opinions, teeth, hair, boobs and nails are my very own.

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